Bits and bricks

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Learn how to move forward in the direction Bit is facing.

Bit is a little, very adventurous LEGO robot, but as with all small creatures, sometimes Bit cannot get its programs right. You can help Bit solve the challenges by figuring out which programs are needed. You do this by creating a sequence of small behavior blocks that tells Bit what to do.

Bit seems lost and needs help finding the way to the finish line.

Bit is stuck in a maze. Teleport Bit around to find the finish line.

Learn how to turn Bit to avoid obstacles.

Bit is on a very rocky road and needs a lot of help to find the right way

Learn how to use behavior blocks to move Bit forward.

Though appearing close, finding home may require some exploration

Bit is on an adventure. Help Bit to get to the next level.

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