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(a)   disclose, publish or reproduce (including posting on any webpage or blog) such information; or

Based on theCodility Terms of Serviceit is allowed to share training solutions and solutions to past challenges.

8.1.  Any Task, statement or information on the Site (including Tests Sessions and Test Session results) is confidential information. You agree not to:

On this page I am sharing my solutions to the problem sets. They can be foundhere. Enjoy and share your comments!

onCodility SqlSegmentsSum Kalium 2015 Solution

(b)   disclose to others details of a recruitment Task, ongoing monthly Challenge or ongoing competition Task (including details relating to its completion).

onCodility BinaryGap Solution

onCodility Distinct Solution

8.2.  This clause does not apply to: Training section of Codility service, Training Tasks and Past Challenges, their solutions and assessment results.

HackerRank Flatland Space Station Solution

HackerRank Non-Divisible Subset Solution

HackerRank Kangaroo Solution

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