The best VPN 2023

The Best VPS 2023

The Best C# Book

and Computer Science

(price includes $15/year online access)

Links from the bottom of all the June 2018 articles, collected in one place for you to print, share, or bookmark.

Its free, open source, and comes with a snazzy graphics and physics engine for both 2D and 3D games.

Arrives once every two months when new issues are published.

Play is our brains favorite way of learning.

(price includes $15/year online access)

A bi-monthly magazine published 6 times a year, the magazine explores computer science and software programming. Its for kids, parents, teachers, and adults who want to learn and have fun with technology.

Use Scratch to become the architect of your very own digital metropolis.

Print version + online access (US: $29.99/yr)

Use micro:bit and cardboard to create a Jedi knight that sounds the alarm when evil approaches!

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How daily coding puzzles with constant feedback can be a useful tool to help students master text-based languages.

Scientists draw inspiration from nature to create remarkable specialized robots.

Interesting stories about computer science, software programming, and technology for June 2018.

Take your 3D-printed gizmos to the next level with harder, sleeker, and stronger material.

Print version + online access (Intl: $35/yr)

Print version + online access (Canada: $35/yr)

Find it, mine it, and use it to automate machines.

Use SketchUp to create dizzying patterns and shapes, Escher-style.

(price includes $15/year online access)

A phone and tablet app exposes the invisible waves that connect our computers.

Whiz around your computers folders and modify files at lightning speed like a pro.

Stuck in a maze? Not anymore! Here are tips and tricks for beating the most convoluted labyrinths.

How AI technology is helping fans keep the magic alive for one more chapter.

You canbuy single copiesof past print issues of the magazine, based on availability. Community and school libraries canrequest a printed sample. Ordownload a sample issue.

Learn about the infamous Enigma machine and how its unbreakable code was finally defeated.

Code up your digital turtle mascot and watch him dash around the screen in this simple Python coding activity.

About the name change from Kids, Code, and Computer Science

Why use three languages to make a stunning web page when you can use just one?

Online access to all website content is $15/year. A print subscription is available for $29.99/year (US) or $35/year (Non-US) which includes full online access, a $15/year value. Subscribers support independent research and writing about computer science and programming.

How 3D printers are helping us learn more about prehistoric reptiles.

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