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Anyone have any experience with App Academy?

If you have any questions about the interview process, I am happy to answer!

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Anyone have any experience with App Academy?(self.cscareerquestions)

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I am currently a student. The low acceptance rate shows because everyone here seems extremely intelligent. Very high job placement and satisfaction with the course seems to be the feeling from past students. The facilities are shabby.

The 2016 demographics survey results can be found inthis thread. If you want to see the graphs/data alone, check outthis Imgur album.

I applied and got in, but decided to decline after I did the math. From the time I applied until the time I got out of the program, I would have had to wait 6 months. Accepting the offer would have meant I was confident I couldnt get a job in the 6 month window without their help, plus pay for living in SF on my savings. It didnt make sense, so I declined. If I had already been living in the bay it might have been a different story. Also, if the ~20% they take from your paycheck had been smaller, I might also have given it more consideration. Also, if I was shooting for a dev position and my programming experience had not been up to par, the program might have been more attractive, though I agree with others who question how effective a boot camp can be for teaching you how to program.

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When did you decide to go to launch academy? Have you talked to Bill yet at launch academy? The interview I had with Bill went really well and I felt like they were the best group for me. App Academy has been around a while but Launch Academy spent a few years in the backburner setting up a proper infrastructure before they first launched, which they dont talk about publically on their website. They have a huge network of employers who come ( I think around 50 Boston companies) on the career day, then the second career day is all virtual skype meet and greets with tech companies in places like Silicon Valley. I start classes November 11th, I will update you then if you want 🙂

Agreed. I got rejected, which I could live with, but I feel like they wasted my time during the application process, so Im bitter. And theres no reason to think anyone that wants to learn web dev cant learn the stuff on their own. Getting a job, though, is a much bigger challenge. Thats basically what these places get paid for.

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Ive heard the acceptance rate is actually as low as 3-4%

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Edit: since the program is free expect it to be extremely competitive. I signed up around a year ago and struggled a lot with the pre-work and realized I didnt have the chops for their program. There are a lot of opportunities out there though, so interview with as many as you can and decide which program will benefit you the most. For me, that meant picking a program that starts at the extreme basics and helps me progress into an intermediate level web developer.

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Doesnt matter to me though, I have no reason to use them, just my 2 cents.

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I picked launch academy over app academy, but I think it just came down to personal preference.

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Welcome, one and all, to CSCareerQuestions!

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I think thats a pretty strong argument, except for one issue. In my opinion, several people require a little bit of additional structure ( than online classes) to learn effectively. The pressure put on by these programs pushes some intelligent people to success.

I have a strong coding background, but have had trouble making connections in the bay area. I thought that App Academy would be a good idea to solve this issue, and teach me web development (which I know nothing of, basically).

Its a great opportunity…if you can get in. They have a less than 20% acceptance rate. If you apply, youll have to take a couple of coding challenges and maybe get some homework. My advice is dont get your hopes up until youve gotten the interview. Completing the preliminary work is not a sign of progress. Getting the interview is the only indication that youve progressed. Good luck.

I also chose it over App Academy because I prefer Boston to NYC. However, Launch Academy still being so much newer and all the good things Ive read about App Academy and how hard it is to get into, I hope I didnt make a bad choice.

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These places always seem shady (or at least disingenuous) to me.

Let me know how Launch Academy goes for you.

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Noticed some cool user flair around? Take a look atthis threadto see what its all about.

Second:Check out this awesome quick answers to common questions thread

Their process is rigged to inflate their success stories and its not clear that their program is actually setup to help the people who need it. They act like they can take people and turn them into uber-devs when really their whole process is to identify people with demonstrated aptitude then just give them a bit of polishing for the job-market. They select only the best and brightest and cull any possible failures from the candidate pool early. But these people are already bright and motivated and could probably do it themselves without any help. It seems more like theyre piggy-backing off of people who were already destined for success rather than turning Joe-blow into a successful developer. If you can get in and dont mind paying 2 months salary for 3 months of classes then its probably an OK deal.

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tl;dr:darker colors == more posting experience here.

That actually sounds pretty reassuring, thanks for the response! I would love to hear any updates once you get started. I dont think I have talked to Bill, but I had a Skype interview and a bit of a coding challenge thing and received an acceptance letter.

It seems like an amazing opportunity. Does it translate well into the cs career field? Is there a minuscule acceptance rate? If so any advice on getting in? Is it significantly better than free online courses?

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