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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Does this mean the deal is only on for Employees of Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

YES, I am getting 20 as well. I need the 2 for 1.

This is just telling me I can get peak wristband for 20 each?

19 Wristband using voucher code @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Ive booked for Saturday and was wondering if anyone had the newsletter email to forward to me please??

INSTRUCTIONS: 2 for 1 entry at Blackpool pleasure beach. Using code 1656 in the box provided Offer applies to gate-priced adult wristband

im takin my family to blackpool pleasure beach on Wednesday 27th may how do I get a promo code please?

the offer states when you purchase online but it appears tp apply to gate prices as code doesnt work

Thank you, I got 5 off. But should I take anything with me while collecting wrist bands.

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Does anyone have a voucher that they are not using??? Pleeeease

I am getting 20 as well. I need the 2 for 1. anyone know how i get it?

Newest Blackpool Pleasure Beach Discount Codes:

3 for 2 on any Pup Tags at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Kingkamy, we stayed in the big blue hotel which was right next door to park. We got ourwristbands from hotel reception but just hhanded over print out e mail confirmations and no questions were asked.

All Blackpool Pleasure Beach Voucher & Promo Codes for May 2018

Received in an email JUNE 19 WRISTBAND OFFER!! Enjoy a day out this June ( Sunday – Friday ) for the amazing price of just 19 for a whole day of fun at the most ride intensivRead more

Its says on the website to bring physical evidence of voucher? Do I just say I saw it on Facebook?

I cant see where Kywish has found this info. mine is booked for this sunday without any problems.

Can this be used for an adult or a child? Hopefully both?

Only saves you 1 – just checked prices online 21 for adult wristbands. But thankyou for posting 🙂

Do I have to buy a Lytham St Annes express for the LSE LOCAL voucher code. And do I need some kind of Newsletter for the NEWSLETTER code?

Does this deal work for kids tickets also ? And what do I do type the code in at checkout then get the paper and take it with me?x

18 adult full day wristbands using voucher code @ Blackpool Pleasure

hey ships_cat, so you used the code LSE LOCAL and ended up paying 15 for an adult wrist band? did you just collect the wrist band at the theme park?

Woohoo Thats tomorrow sorted Thank you code worked in capital letters

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For a limited time this October Blackpool Pleasure Beach have some fantastic offers for you! Looking for an excellent value for money day out? Use promo code NEWSLETTER for a mRead more

20 Wristbands – Blackpool Pleasure Beach Easter weekend using voucher code @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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18 wristbands until 17/04 using voucher code @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

I tried this, it only applies for march 2014 🙁

has anyone tried using it? howd it go?

site is asking for Employee Reward Scheme, please make sure you bring proof of employment in the form of an ID badge or payslip with you. If you do not, you WILL be charged the difference.

no they refuse entry or you pay the gate price or get a refund

Half price wristbands for March – 15 using voucher code @ Blackpool Pleasure

Time to expire as sadly its not working now.

Probably worth doing if you want to save some cash 🙂 Thanks for posting!

Definitely does not work been trying for ages but doesnt take the discount off

Pleasure Beach Wristbands For Just 18 Using Promo Code Newsletter

3 for 2 on any Pup Tags at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Use the code Newsletter for a wristband 19 per person. From email: *Wristbands must be booked online in advance up until midnight the night before your visit. Offer subject tRead more

2 for 1 entry at Blackpool pleasure beach

Hi sorry,dont know why my message sent so much. Spoke to pleasure beach today, they said you dont need proof if its an email, only the voucher if you had one e.g if it was a 2 for 1 coupon from the paper.

How do you get the actual voucher to show when you get there, is it still in the paper ???

when booking the tickets it states that if you use a coupon, you should bring it along. I would screenshot this page with the deal on and print it off just incase they ask for it 🙂

Arh cant be used on Saturdays apparently

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which paper can i get the voucher from please

Oops! Looks like we couldnt connect Please try again!

Ill post a link up tonight, have the newsletter at home – but I dont think you need it for this offer and you only need the Facebook offer if you want to pay a the gate. Link in next post

Just come across this on Twitter Promos. @Pleasure_Beach: 18 wristbands if you book online for dates until the 17th of April (inc.) with promo code TWITTER more

I think its ended now not sure how to expire. Other commented saying its not working so must be expired by now

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you need the physical voucher from the paper (a Scottish one apparently)to use this deal

Blackpool Pleasures Beach Wristband 19

Just wondering if this offer doesnt work because it is school holidays next week. The code isnt working 🙁

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Calm down no need to get the **** it hasnt cost you anything for trying

Blackpool Pleasure Beach 20 wristbands until 27th May (EXC Saturdays)

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How do you enter the voucher code? It asks if you have a promo code, then doesnt open a box to enter it?

Yes the coupon code has expired. The price per wrist band is 20 now according to their website. 😀

Discounted tickets – 16/19 using voucher code @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

2 for 1 entry at Blackpool pleasure beach

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Anyone know any discount codes for Blackpool pleasure beach?

see comments above yours sub air went 16 hours ago and was never asked I have seen a number of comments saying the same thing and also I never got asked either so worth a go

Whats the best wat to go about purchasing pleasure beach tickets for 4/8/15!!!!

Hi, no I received an email saying add the code online when booking – it is for online pre-booking rather than walk-up entry

its only if your going in September, js

Used the code this Sunday, no voucher required, no newspaper to take, just proof of who you are to get your wristband…enjoy.

Dunno but wont let me use it says invalid

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Discount Codes

Blackpool Pleasure Beach 20 wristbands until 27th May (EXC Saturdays)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach 19 adult wristband

I just tried this and it didnt work

If you book in advance online, you can buy wristbands in September for 18 each, when you use the promo code NEWSLETTER. Deal is perfect now that the illuminations have been swRead more

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Is the voucher code still running? Its not working on the site :/

The code is not for employees as Pleasure Beach posted it on Facebook for everyone to see and you do not need a physical voucher to get it 🙂

Online only. Use offer code LSE Local. Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.

Why wont the code work October

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Here is the link to the newsletter if you want to take it with you… Enjoy Blackpool!

Do I need a voucher for this? I dont want to get there and then have to pay full price.

its for employees only just tried to book

Get 2 wristbands for the price of one when you enter NEWSLETTER code. Offer valid till 23rd of may and excluding Sat 17th May. It might not be for everyone but help some.

Are you sure you do not need a physical voucher for this offer? Terms and condiotions for Blackpool Pleasure Beach state you will be charged the full price if you do not have the pysical voucher

Anybody used this recently and gone without the voucher and got in ok??

Blackpool Pleasures Beach Wristband 19

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is an amusement park that is designed to make adults feel like kids again. The privately owned park is set in a 42 acre area that faces the sea along the Fylde coast in Blackpool, Lancashire. What was started out in 1896 by the parks original founder, W G Bean, with just one ride, has expanded to over 125 rides and attractions today including 10 spectacular roller coasters.

hey raff007, so you used the code LSE LOCAL and ended up paying 15 for an adult wrist band? did you just collect the wrist band at the theme park?

INSTRUCTIONS: Hey everyone This promotional code has just come up on Facebook and you can get 20 wristbands when booking in advance online! However you must book before midnigRead more

has anyone managed to get in without producing a voucher ?

yea me to just saying i can get the wristbands for 2o each and not 2 for 1. Anyone know how to actually get the 2 for 1 🙂

Why wont this work for me Im still being charged 40

Does it not work for Saturdays, if I were to use it today?

Ive booked for Saturday and was wondering if anyone had the newsletter email to forward to me please??

Normally 30 adults 27 juniors on the gate – 23/21 online. Book your wristbands online for 20 using promo code 1633. You need to book before midnight the day you are visiting

I know what theyve done here… 35% off 29.99 (gate price)= 19.4935

just checked my email 19 Wristbands – On Sale Now! Weve got a special offer for all our newsletter subscribers! Wristbands are just 19 when booked online in advance.* Valid up to and including Friday 21st October. Use offer code October Take advantage of this fantastic offer during our off peak period to get maximum ride time and value for money! *This offer is valid any day up to and including Friday 21st October 2016. Offer only valid online and must be booked in advance up until midnight the day before your visit. Promo code must be entered. Gate priced wristbands, Adult 30, Junior 27.

Used it yesterday booked the wtistbands friday night

So if you book on line and get the discounts as it lets you do with the 1592 code and you dont have the voucher will they let you in as you have paid on line for tickets, Going on MOnday 6th

Do not use this code – you must bring the voucher with you from the Daily Star!!

Anyone know if they do bands for less after say 7pm ?

2 For 1 using voucher code @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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