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Board Games that Teach Coding Concepts to Kids and Teens

Is Kiddle a Safe Search Engine for Kids? Review and Analysis

? @ AmazonThe Code Master Programming Logic Game is new out for 2015 from ThinkFun. Code Master is set in an adventure game world and kids must program their character to get through levels and progress through the game.

? @ AmazonRobot Turtles is a game for 2-5 players from age 4 up. Kids use cards to program turtles to get to gems. Can 4 year old kids really learning computer programming concepts? Definitely. Weve used this game at our Coder Dojo and its great fun for younger children.

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We love board games, theyre brilliant for rainy days and family get togethers. Most board games develop useful skills in kids, these coding-centric ones add in some useful skills that will help cement concepts.

Orboot is an augmented reality experience with a physical globe and mobile app. We first saw the project on Kickstarter, which got fully fu…

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Elbrie enjoys learning about technology and sharing her design skills with her two younger children and helping her teenager find the right path for a tech career.

Sphero is a neat little robot ball, but should you choose the regular 2.0 version, the see-through educational SPRK edition or the cute B…

At first I was worried that reading text-based conditional statements from cards would be a bit dry, but that wasnt the case at all. My 9 year old loves this game.

The games are ordered roughly by age / ability level though there is overlap.

Update 2016: A new 2016 edition is now available for pre-order onAmazon UK

Code Monkey Island is recommended for children aged 8+ but a lot of younger children will be fine with it.

Its recommended for children from age 8 up. Its designed to appeal to kids who love games like Minecraft. Code Master is a great hands-on way to give kids a deeper understanding of key programming concepts such as sequences, conditions and loops.

Kids must use logical thinking to guide colourful monkeys through the board. Actually a lot of the thinking involved is similar to lots of popular board games but this game just makes the link more explicit and deliberately teaches concepts that will be recognisable as children go on to learn coding and computer science.

Code Master is a single player game rather than a multi-player game, but multiple players could play it together and discuss the actions to take.

Elbrie de Kockis a designer, digital marketeer, event organiser and digital parenting pioneer. She runs a Code Club and a Coder Dojo. Elbrie is one of the lead organisers of Hacksoton, Young Rewired State Southampton and other local events as well as being a director of Tech Age Kids Ltd.

Tracy Gardnerhas a PhD in Computer Science and spent her career in industry developing software. Now she works to educate and enthuse the next generation about technology. She teaches computing to primary school children, is a freelance educational content writer and a director of Tech Age Kids Ltd.

Tech Age Kids is an online company that helps parents and educators find constructive and creative uses of technology for children and teens. Youll find approachableprojectideas,news, andreviewsof the latest educational and creative technology products, as well as advice ondigital parentingissues.

Teens become increasingly more difficult to purchase gifts for. They are aware of brands and tend to want or need more expensive technology…

The age recommendation is 12+ which is a bit of a surprise as my 7 year old enjoyed it. He has got some coding experience and he definitely had to think hard to play the game but he managed it.

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Robot Turtles is a good choice for families with young children. If you have mixed age children youll be able to find ways to make it harder for the older ones to make it fair.

Parents will appreciate the solutions being available so if you get stuck too theres somewhere to go for help.

Kiddle, a new search engine for kids has been getting a lot of press attention recently. First came the articles that repeated Kiddle&…

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Several board games that teach children computer coding concepts have been brought out recently. They make a good complement to online learning games and enable techie kids to have some fun family time away from a computer screen.

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In thisarticle,well take a realistic look at what parents need to know about Fortnite: Battle Royale. Ive played the game qui…

CodeBots was originally a Kickstarter which we backed. Its very nicely designed with cool robot characters and the gameplay is very engaging. You have to make lines of tokens and theres some strategic thinking along with the conditional logic that gets used in each turn.

We found that older kids were too good at the basic rules but ended up coming up with more complicated rules for themselves which was a really good outcome.

We love kid tech and shareproduct reviewsgift guidestech parenting tipsprojects to tryand much more.

RoboRally is a much older game than the ones above. It was first released in 1994. In RoboRally you are a computer and you must program your robot to get to checkpoints. But theres much more too it than that.

The game is from 2-6 players, larger numbers play in teams which adds an interesting dynamic and can be used to balance out different abilities in family members.

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Its great to see toy companies making toys for preschoolers to learn logical thinking skills and foster creativity and engineering ski…

Tracy enjoys playing Minecraft, programming robots, trying out new technology and making things with her two children.

Asparents of tech age kidsourselves, we write about our hands-on-experience and personal insight.Find out more about us.

CodeBotsis a game that teaches conditional logic as used in programming languages such as Java.

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RoboRally is recommended for age 12+. Younger kids who are technically motivated may enjoy the game but it is very involved. There are lots of rules to keep track of and lots of things that can change the way the game is going. Its a good game to really get the cogs whirring.RoboRally is our recommendation for families with tweens and teenagers. Its a great game for teenagers and adults to play together at Christmas as up to 8 players can join in. Its a cult classic and a great game to have around as an ice-breaker when teenagers visit. Oh and its funny too.

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? @ AmazonCode Monkey Island is another coding board game that started life as a crowdfunding campaign.

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