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Build 2018 – Search and Rescue Challenge Launch

Understanding Text using CognitiveServices

Whats New with CognitiveServices

Project Personality Chat for BotDevelopers

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Build 2018 – Search and Rescue ChallengeLaunch

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Whats New with Language Understanding Service(LUIS)

Build a Customized Site Search Instance using Bing Custom SearchAPI

Play Build 2018 – Search and Rescue Challenge Launch

Whats New with Cognitive Services Speech SDK and Speech DevicesSDK

Meet the New Bot FrameworkEmulator

TWC9: Post Build Edition, Surface Hub 2, GDPR Guides, andmore

Vision Cognitive ServicesUpdates

Weve raised the stakes at this years Build. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will take your coding prowess to new heights, literally. The Search and Rescue Challenge at Microsoft Build will be an exercise in problem-solving, cunning strategy and daring application of your potentially life-saving techniques.

I would like to have one of these to bring me everything I ask when I have lazy to get out of bed.

You will develop a custom vision model that will optimize the tools on board our search and rescue mission drones. While the challenge is open to anyone at Microsoft Build, only the best will triumph.

Conversational AI: Bot BuildingTools

Conversational AI andAuthentication

On the Road to Build: AzureSphere

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