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Swift Coding Challenges helps develop your core skills, teaches you how to solve important problems, and builds confidence for job interviews all in one book!

If you just want to put your coding brain to the test, theres no better resource and youll learn as you go, because each challenge comes with a complete solution for Swift 4.

Also available as part of the Swift Power Pack bundle

your problem-solving skills. Just like the authors other books, Swift Coding Challenges feels authoritative

the confidence gained is a great career opportunity

Swift Coding Challenges contains 64 challenges across five categories and three difficulty levels, so theres something for everyone.Here are some sample challenges that are covered:

Write a function that accepts a linked list that loops back to itself, and returns the item at the start of the loop.

Make a version of the min() method that returns the three smallest numbers in an array.


Given a string with no duplicate characters, write a function that returns an array containing all letter permutations.

Write an implementation of quick sort for arrays.

Given a Tic-Tac-Toe board, write a function that returns true if either player has won the game.

Includes free updates for new Swift versions  click to read my update policy

Never fear a coding interview again: Swift Coding Challenges sets you the task ofsolving the most common questions youll get asked at coding intervews. You get hints in case you get stuck, then complete solutions so you can compare your results.

Recreate the built-in map() method for collections.

Write a function that returns the frequency of a word in an input file.

Given two strings, write a function that returns true if all letters are unique.

Can you balance a binary tree? Or recreate themap()method on collections? Youre encouraged to solve every challenge yourself, so you can identify your weak points.

Write a function that accepts a binary tree and returns true if its balanced.

Also available as part of the Swift Power Pack bundle

Next time youre given a white board test in an interview, Swift Coding Challenges can help ensure you have the confidence, skills, and experience to perform the way you deserve.

Whether youre part of a Swift meetup or a college book club, Swift Coding Challenges makes great exercises to help generate discussion and solve problems as a team.

Write a function that accepts an integer array and returns its median value.

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