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C Coding Challenge 7

Challenge 7 Write C code to calculate BMI

In the event of a tie between two or more winning solutions, the first solution received will receive the prize; however, all submitters with correct solutions will be recognized.

Data to include in the input to, and the output from the above function, must contain ALL of the data and computations necessary to compute BMI and present the result, and should also include the persons LAST NAME.

To perform effectively as a C software application developer, one must be acquainted with various facets of the C programming language. To test the skills of application developers, Superior Consulting Services (SCS) offers a series of technical coding challenges designed to challenge and educate C application developers. This challenge addresses C basics and presents SCS seventh challenge:Write C code to calculate BMI.

Contestant challenge submittals should be emailed , Subject Line

This challenge will involve writing all code necessary, including methods, functions, classes, etc., to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI), given a block of calling code.

Each SCS challenge will require the user to solve a problem and present their approach through a coded solution. All questions are designed to be solvable by mid-level C application developers in one hour or less. The seventh challenge is below.

The winning solution submitted will receive an Amazon gift certificate worth $25.00 and have the winning solution, along with the winners name, on the SCS website:TeamSCS.

Reponses to Challenge 7 should be received by 5:00 pm CDT, September 30 , 2015

When embedded into a C application, the method must compile, build and run without errors or warnings.

Employees of SCS are not eligible to participate in the coding challenge.


All classes, functions and methods must be written in C and contain all appropriate attribution, decoration, typing, and punctuation.  Please use the calling function code listed above and fully implement the BMI calculation, including all necessary, functions, classes, and methods.

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