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include include include include void swap(int& x, int& y) x^=y^=x^=y; void bubble_sort(int* A, int size) while(size) int n=0; for(int i=1; iA[i]) swap(A[i-1], A[i]); n=i; size=n; void insertion_sort(int* A, int size) for(int i=1; i

Menu driven source code in c plus plus for selection sort bubble sort and insertion sort?

Coding in c language to find the difference between two dates in days?

class Node public Node next; public Node previous; public int item; public Node(int item) this.item = item; public Node(int item, Node previous) this.item = item; this.previous = previous; public class DoublyLinkList public static void main(String[] args) // TODO Auto-generated…

A 32-bit system has a maximum 2^32 unique memory addresses, whichis 4,294,967,296 addresses in total. Each address refers to a byte(the smallest unit of storage), thus this allows a maximum addressspace of 4 gigabytes. Each additional bit doubles the number ofavailable addresses, thus a 64-bit…

What Program that will display the even numbers in data structures and algorithms?

Count them: FF(16)=255(10)=11111111(2)

How do you convert integer to objects in c?

What are the companies which use pure object oriented programming languages?

What type of loop can either increment or decrement the loop control variables value?

Which language is used for windowsxp?

What is the difference between const data type and volatile data type?

/* INPUT: Holy Home * OUTPUT:H * ———— o * ————–l * —————y * —————- _______________//The – are spaces * ——————H * ——————–o * ———————m * ———————–e * */ import*; class…

int i; for (i=10; printf (%d\n, i); i–);

There are no objects in C, so you cant. However, in C++ you can convert an integer to an object if theobjects class exposes a public conversion constructor that acceptsan integer argument. For example: class X public: X (int); // conversion constructor // … ; How the conversion is…

Two-dimensional arrays are typically iterated through using nested for loops. If you had a 2-D array alpha with ints ROWS and COLS representing the number of rows and columns respectively, and ints row and col as iterators, the loop would look like this: for (row = 0; row

0) rem = i % 10; // This gives a digit in the number. if(rem == el) occ++; // If rem is same as el then increamentocc. i = i / 10; //By this we are…

include include int factr(int x); void main() int a,fact; printf(\n Enter a value: ); scanf(%d, fact=factr(a); printf(\n Factorial: %d,fact); getch(); int factr(int x) int f,i; f=1; for(i=x;i

No of header files are there in c language?

A const data type is one which cannot be changed once initialized. A volatile data type is one which should never have its value locally cached. Note: Neither of them is data-type, they are modifiers.

Why is cross-platform connectivity important to many computer users?

How do virus spread to your computer?

What is the name given to the type of program which turns a high level language into binary?

James Thompson Marshall was a railway and mechanical engineer. Originally employed at the Oxford Steam Plough Company in Cowley, Oxfordshire, he moved to Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, continuing his career at Boyne Engine Works. He spend his career, however, in England.

It is basicly (This is a verry basic explaination)… You can create your own types! Which Each Hold Other types !? Such as include stuff and this and that. struct Cat int How_Many_Whiskers; bool Is_Dead; bool Is_Hungry; Sooty; //Sooty is now a member (?) Of Cat! int…

All arithmetic, logical operators are operators in c tokens. As: +, – , ++, –, %, &&, &,

This question has already been answered elsewhere. Check the related links. The solution is generic and will work for both C and Java.

this is a tricky one… press alt + f4 and see if that works.

Simply because, GUIs can be of any level of complexity. Elementssuch as buttons, links, etc all need to properly reference todifferent objects. If you click here, go there, if you click downthere, go here, etc. It is like a very big, complex web. You canimagine that procedural code would make it…

What are the example of utility program?

Why you can not use this pointer in static functions?

Wright a program which display the numbers from 1 to 10 in the descending order using while loop?

C the second power plus 15c plus 44? s simple..make use of built-in function isdigit(character) s in stdlib.h…

What is the difference between a obj file and an exe file in C?

Linear Queue C Program using structure include include include define MAX 50 typedef enumtrue,false bool; typedef struct int front,rear; int elements[MAX]; queue; bool isfull(queue *); bool isempty(queue *); void create(queue *); void enqueue(queue *,int); void dequeue(queue *); void peek…

Let n is that number and occ is the no of occurrence of aelement el in n. so, i = n; occ = 0; // Initializing occ to zero. while(i

A virtual function is a function that is expected to be overridden by derived classes, but need not be overridden if the generic base class implementation is sufficient. Typically a derived class will simply augment the generic implementation to provide a more specific implementation, but it can…

Viruses usually spread to your computer disguised as a useful program that you download and install yourself. Viruses can also spread by exploiting bugs in programs many people use, like Microsoft Outlook, in order to run code on your computer that will let them install themselves. Viruses can…

General form of three looping statement?

This program generates so called pseudo random numbers, and it used srand() function to connect the seed for the random number generator to the current. Which makes it less predictable but cannot claimed as a real random number generator. include include include int main() …

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Assembly language allows the developer to have almost total control over what the sequence of instructions will be when a program executes. A compiler tries to translate a high level language such as C++ into a series of instructions, but a good assembly language programmer may be able to optimize…

Time space trade off in data structure?

The storage size of an int in C is loosely defined, and may be either 2 bytes or, more commonly, 4 bytes. Whether or not it is defined as const wont affect the size.

What is the different between a machine language program and a high-level language program?

What is mean by primmitive data types?

What is the least common multiple of decimals and fractions in C?

What is a common function of a router and what is this function called?

Program that prints every integer value from 1 to 20 along with its squared in java?

No. A violation in the syntax of a program statement is called a syntax error.

Difference between Global variable and Static Global variable in c?

What is another term for a page file and what are they used for?

Advantages of problem analysis and algorithm design over directly writing program in high-level language?

How source code gets converted to object code?

Write a c program using function with argument and with return value to find sum of odd and even series?

include include void main() int number, sum = 0, rem = 0, cube = 0,temp; printf (enter a number); scanf(%d, temp = number; while (number != 0) rem = number % 10; cube = pow(rem, 3); sum = sum + cube; number = number / 10; if (sum == temp) printf (The…

C program to find the occurrence of an element in a number?

In a computer language, Primitive data types are the fundamental orbuilt-in data types the language will manipulate without asubroutine call, type modifier, or object. For example, in C they are: int, char, float, and double. In Java they are: byte, short, int, long, float, double, Boolean,and char….

The human readable version of a program is called?

In C++ functions are lines of code that make up the workings of aprogram. A function can voluntarily change input parameters thatpermit informers to pass coding dialogued arguments into thefunction. A function can voluntarily return a value as output. Ifyou know the C++ coding language, here is and…

Users want to communicate with one another, without being restricted by incompatibility between different types of computers.

Virtual functions are expected to be overridden by derived classes. Pure-virtual functions must be overridden by derived classes.

Write a conditional that tests for the letter the user entered, ifit is Y it continues, if its not it exits.

What are the operators in c tokens?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

include include void main() int a[10],i,evc=0,odc =0;// sum=0; clrscr(); printf(enter 10 no.s in the array\n); for(i=0;i

The Soul of the Great Bell (Short Story)

A data structure is a collection of more than one elementary item, in some kind of aggregate organization. An array is a type of structure where more than one item of the same type are arranged serially in memory, and accessed using an index. The item can either be an elementary type or it itself…

include include void main() int a=0,b=0,i,j,s,c [10][10] ; //initialising matrix couts; cout

Write a program to calculate the area of a cylinder using a function?

When people say primitive data types they mean that the types cannot be divided even in simpler data types. For instance, type int describes all integer numbers and there is no mathematical point to split it in positive and negative. If you want to do so you need to use signed unsigned types…

SWAP file.. Sometimes its called swap file like for Linus Sytems. You need a page file to save data when you are using your operation system. If dont have enough RAM OS doesnt have enough space in your memory to work properly. So, in such case OS uses a paging file. When you have 512 Mb or more…

real numbers, in any programming language, are actually approximations of what is called a real number in math. Basically, a number that can handle decimals – but unlike the actual real numbers, of limited precision. In Java, the real data types are float, and double. double has greater…

Because this points to the current object, but static methods dont have a current object (actually this is definition of the static methods).

How can you differentiate overloading of pre-fix and post-fix increment operator?

Doubly circular linked list java codes?

What is the best stack to use with anadrol?

The atrioventricular node is a part of electrical control system of the heart that co-ordinates heart rate.

give an example of calculation of mathematics

To calculate the least common multiple (lcm) of decimals (integers)and fractions you first need to calculate the greatest commondivisor (gcd) of two integers:. int gcd (int a, int b) int c; while (a != 0) c = a; a = b % a; b = c; return b; With this function in place, we can calculate the…

Wright The numbers from 1 to 10 in descending order using loop?

What is the object-oriented version of C programming language that is used to develop software for PCs such as Fractal Design Painter Lotus 123 and games?

C was developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT &Ts Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972.

What are the parts of the turbo pascal program?

1. Its easy to write unreadable code with it. 2. Some peoples religion doesnt allow it. 3. There are languages that do not have goto.

int main() int x, y; char op; int res; printf(Enter two numbers and a operator\n); scanf(%d %d %c, &x, &y, switch (op) case +: res = x+y; break; case -: res = x-y; break; case *: res = x*y; break; case /: res = x/y; break; default: …

Which data type is suitable for password field?

Global (file scope) variable and static global variables both retain their value for the duration of the programs execution. Static global variables are visible only to functions within the file they are declared, while global variables are visible to all compilation units (files) within the linked…

import*; class RevWords private byte wo(String s) byte a=0; for(byte i=0;i

Write a program using c plus plus to check whether the given square matrix is symmetric or not?

C program for insertion and deletion in queue?

It is not. Visit and dowload the suitable JRE (or JDK) version for your platform. Note: The java bytecode executed by JVM is indeed platfom-independent.

From oldest to newest: FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, and C++

include int main() int total=0, i; for (i=1;i

Is this what you mean? include int main(). int number;. printf(Enter any integer: );. scanf(%d,. if(number % 2 ==0). printf(%d is even number.,number);. else. printf(%d is odd number.,number);. return 0;. . Sample output:. Enter any integer: 5. 5 is odd number.. Code 2:. 1. …

Write a program in java to print letters of a String in steps?

Syntax error can be found during compilation. Runtime error can be found only when you are trying to execute your program. Syntax errors are those which are caused by incorrect usage of the programming language. All programming language compilers are designed to detect and report such errors done…

They are the same thing. One just has a dash in the name.

C programming language doesnt say anything about obj and exe files. On some platforms *.exe files are binary executables, and *.obj files are object modules.

Old: function (par1, par2) int par1; char *par2; … New: int function (int par1, char *par2) …

Any violation in the syntax of a program statement is called logic error?

How do you tell the difference between 64 bit and 32 bit?

What is called Dividing a program into function and modules?

OOP(Object-Oriented Programming) provides a clear modular structure for programs which makes it good for defining abstract datatypes where implementation details are hidden and the unit has a clearly defined interface.

Menu driven program for selection sort bubble sort and insertion sort in c?

Put these programming languages you order from oldest to newest basic c plus plus cobol fortran?

In my opinion, no stuent or any other worker should be expected to work for more than 7 1/2 hours a day, five days a week over 48 weeks a year. That would be 1500 hours a year, or about 50 hours a week in a three-term, ten week term year. For a school student, that is a 40 hour week over a 48 week…

Every Pascal program must follow a basic structure. While thisstructure is very similar to Karel programming, there are severaldifferences. Below is the basic structure that every Pascal programmust follow. PROGRAM ProgramName ; V AR VariableName :VariableType; VariableName : VariableType; … …

Write a Program to find sum of all elements above and below the main diagonal of a square matrix?

NOTE: This can take several seconds to complete. Only do this when you are done with your changes.

What are the Main differences between object oriented programming and generations 1-4 programming language?

Write a program in java to print a sentence with the letters of its words reversed?

What is a structure in c programing?

What are the Data types in middle level language?

1. do statement while (condition); 2. while (condition) statement 3. for (exp1; condition; exp2) statement 4. LABEL: statements goto LABEL;

Machine language uses very specific commands and sequence of execution, its very hard for people to understand that. Thats why high-level languages were invented. Even so they are not as efficient and fast, but its much easier and faster to use it, then use low-level type of language. Example…

Write a method that compute sum of digits of a given number in Java?


List an advantage of using an object-oriented programming language.?

What is the meaning of final keyword in Cplusplus language?

The minimum number of bits required to store the hexadecimal number FF is?

The main operations on singly linked list are: 1:-Insertion 2:-Deletion 3:-Searching 4:-Display Insertion can be done in done ways: 1)Insertion at beginning 2)Insertion at end 3)Inserting at a specified position Deletion can be performed in 3 ways: 1)Deletion from beginning 2)Deletion from end 3…

Write a C program to find sum of 3 matrices?

Is Basic a low level language or high level?

include define TRUE 1 define FALSE 0 int days_in_month[]=0,31,28,31,30,31,30,31,31,30,31,30,31; char *months[]= , \n\n\nJanuary, \n\n\nFebruary, \n\n\nMarch, \n\n\nApril, \n\n\nMay, \n\n\nJune, \n\n\nJuly, \n\n\nAugust, \n\n\nSeptember, \n\n\nOctober, \n\n\nNovember…

Program to compute difference between two dates include include void main() int day1,mon1,year1,day2,mon2,year2; int ref,dd1,dd2,i; clrscr(); printf(Enter first day, month, year); scanf(%d%d%d,&day1,&mon1, scanf(%d%d%d,&day2,&mon2, ref = year1; if(year2

Write a c program to calculate the sum of the integer from 1 to 100?

Distinguish between virtual functions and pure virtual function?

The prefix increment operator is overloaded as operator++() while the postfix increment operator is overloaded as operator++( int ).

Write a c program to print different number into a random order at number of compile times?


What is the minimum amount of moves for 64 disks on tower of hanoi?

What is an algorithm for the addition of two matrices?

What is style of function is not obsolete in c language?

Why has the advent of graphical user interfaces influenced the shift from procedural programming to object oriented event driven programming?

Generation 1 programming languages are simple machine code, which was a very difficult language which used hardware rather than software to code and assemble/compile. It is not readable by the programmer, so mistakes are very bad and it also cannot be ported to different computers due to the fact…

Mainly C and C++ and a bit of assembly language.

What program language do computer games use?

What is lex in system software and assembly language programming subject in M.C.A?

Languages dont have version numbers. The attached link may help.

int i=10; while (i

What is the difference between B-tree and B tree?

What are the primitive operation perform on a stack and queue?

Modularisation. It could also be called refactoring, where large and complex functions are split into several simpler functions, making code easier to read. Refactoring can also help to reduce code duplication.

Why it is not advisable to use goto keyword?

object orient is a things that makes collaberating and has a communication between them, that are send via message

ETT results of J and K Board 2007-09?

Difference between syntax error and runtime error in c?

In program c accept numbers num1 and num2 find the sum of all add numbers between the two numbers entered?

public class PrintValues public static void main(String[] args) for (int i = 1; i

How do you find the fectorial in C programming?

Using c plus plus when you ask user to press Y or N to continue even if you press any other letters aside from N it will continue How do you make it continue by only pressing Y?

How to type a program for a function?

Distinguish between virtual function and pure virtual function?

Operations performed in singly linked list using C program?

Why programmers use assembly to write programs?

How do you wrte aC program to print calendar?

How do you initialize each element of a two-dimensional array alpha to 5?

Addition of two matrices is simply performed by iterating over all of the elements and adding elements with like indices together. A c code snippet… for (i=0; i

Actually, when you declare a variable as final then the value assingned to the variable does not changes throughout the program. For example, class d public final int n=10; In this class d, the value of n would be 10 & its value cannot not be altered by any function declared…

M.C.A could be almost anything, maybe a name of a school or schooldepartment? Lex (short for Lexical Analyzer)`is a specialized programminglanguage that takes a set of specifications for how to scan textand find specific items in the text and generates C language sourcecode that is compiled with…

allowing several systems to share a single internet connection and IP address. (NAT)NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION TABLE

How many hours should a student study?

Factorial of a number using function?

C program using array to find how many no are even and odd?

Write a c program which takes two integer operands and one operator from the user performs the operation and then prints the result?

How do you clear a character in screen in c language?

Primitive Operations. : . enqueue(o). Put object o on the end of the queue.. dequeue(). Remove and return the object at the front. of the queue.. head(). Reveal the front object in the queue, but. do not remove it.. size(). Return the number of objects currently in. the queue.. capacity(). Return…

Program in c to find whether number is a Armstrong or strong number?

Write a for next loop for even numbers beginning at 10 and ending at 50?

Questions related to the C Computer Programming Language. This ranges all the way from K&R to the most recent ANSI incarnations. C has become one of the most popular languages today, and has been used to write all sorts of things for nearly all of the modern operating systems and applications. It it a good compromise between speed, power, and complexity.

Ett Results for the J&K are available at the jkbose website jkbose /resultsallnoti.php website

include . using namespace std;. const int MAXROW = 10 ; . const int MAXCOL = 10 ; . int main ( ) . . srand ( time ( NULL ) ) ; . int a [ MAXROW ] [ MAXCOL ] ; . for ( int row = 0 ; row

import*; class sumo protected static void main()throws IOException BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; System.out.print(Enter the Number: ); int a=Integer.parseInt(in.readLine()),b=0; for(int i=a;i

Write a C program to find out whether character passes through keybroad is a digit or not?

What is data structure why is an array called a data structure which are the other data structures?

include main() int num1; int num2; int a; printf(Enter any two numbers :); scanf(%d%d,&num1, for(a=num1;num1

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