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CHALLENGE 3 Include twitter feed on the customer card (LEVEL 2

A Dynamics 365 Business Central Sandbox Environment

In VS Code, use Ctrl+Shift+P and type AL GO and remove the customerlist page extension

To complete this challenge, you will need

Create a page extension for the customer card and add field for twitter handle

Add the Twitter Feed card part to customer card

Create a table extension for the customer table and add field for twitter handle

Use the tpage snippet to create the cardpart page

snippets to create the page extension

Create a Twitter Feed custom control

snippet to create the custom control, use inspiration for the Javascript code

To form the basis for monitoring customer sentiment, opportunities, or issues, enter a twitter handle for your customers and show a twitter timeline for the customer on the customer card.

Azure VMs will have VS Code pre-installed

Create a Card Part with the Twitter Feed custom control

LEVEL 1 is the easiest and LEVEL 3 is the hardest


Visual Studio Code with the AL Extension installed

Passwords: Biqo3008, Gina2596, Velo7834, Jide3831, Horu9701, Mimy4754

Use create an Azure VM if you do not have a sandbox environment.

snippets to create the table extension

Create Custom Control for showing Twitter feed

Add the Twitter feed part to the factboxes area.

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