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Grand Theft Auto 5 has been released. We get many request of when we will release hacks for GTA 5. There is no need for hacks at the moment, instead you can use the cheat codes in the game. You can findGTA 5 . is looking for good coders

When the PC version gets released and people gets the opportunity to play online, we will see if we can find any hacks for you guys. For example a GTA 5 aimbot will probably be made.

At we will of course supply you with the latest hacks when the game is released, both singleplayer trainers, maphacks and bots when they are availeble.

1 HE grenade, 20 kills. Could not get any more bots in, but i think 1 nade could have killed more!

We are looking for good coders atm. You will get paid by how skilled you are and what you can make.

Your job is to code a new hack, either for CS 1.6, CS Source, Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops. If you have experience in coding hacks for all games, its just great.

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