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Code Challenge

A geometric proof for the arithmetic and geometricmean

Finger Ratio Predicts MathsAbility?

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P3 Calculus May 2016 somethoughts

Bedfords Law to catchfraudsters

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Level 1:Easy, Age 11-16. This is intended to be a gentle introduction to code breaking. Hints provided throughout.

Could Trump be the next President ofAmerica?

Modelling tides: how does the moon affect thetide?

Level 5:Medium, Age 11-16. This level combines knowledge of a variety of codes and methods of solving them. Caesar shifts, transposition codes and more.

The Most Difficult Ever HL maths question Can you understandit?

Level 3:Murder mystery, Medium, Age 11-16. A murder has been committed in the Maths Department! Solve the clues to uncover the murderer, the weapon and the room.

Level 2:Easy, Age 11-16. This builds on some of the skills from the Level 1 code and includes a mixture of common codes, from Morse Codes to substitution ciphers.

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Level Extra:Easy, Age 11-16. A bonus code breaking challenge in case you solve all the others!

Log Graphs to Plot PlanetaryPatterns

International School Code Breaking Challenge

The Watson Selection Task a logicalpuzzle

The Mathematics of Crime andTerrorism

Simulating Traffic Jams andAsteroids

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IB maths exploration (IA) ideas, IB Maths videos

Level 4:Murder mystery, Medium, Age 11-16. Another murder has been committed! Who can solve it first?

Does it Pay to be Nice?  Game Theory andEvolution

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Predicting the UK election using linearregression

Maths of Global Warming Modeling ClimateChange

Quantum Mechanics StatisticalUniverse

Level 6:Hard, Age 15-18. This is a real tough challenge not for the faint hearted! It is primarily aimed at post 16 students and you can expect to look at binary codes, RSA codes and modulo arithmetic.

Project Euler: Coding to Solve MathsProblems

Blog at .Ben Eastaugh and Chris Sternal-Johnson.

Choose which level you want to attempt. Winners will be entered onto the leaderboard of fame. Good luck!

The Gini Coefficient MeasuringInequality

Circular Motion: Modelling a Ferriswheel

Grahams Number literally big enough to collapse your head into a blackhole

Optimization of area aninvestigation

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Were now running a huge school code breaking competition. There are a total of 7 competitions to enter each one with a number of codes to crack. Each time a code is cracked this gives the password to access the next clue. Students who break all codes will be entered onto the leaderboard of fame. Levels of codes range from upper KS2 to post 16 so there should be something for everyone.Choose your level, and good luck!

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