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When you talk about teaching kids how to program, codemoji is certainly one of the best places to start. It feature entertaining, adaptive and easy to play coding games that take the hassle of memorization and pesky syntax out of learning to code.

Cargo-Bot is a code game that is available free of charge for all iPad users. Its perfect for anyone five years and older.

Though a little pricey, Code Monkey Island is recommended by most code games reviewers and experts. Simply put, its a fabulous board game that introduces kids to programming.

They say that making learning feel a little bit like a game is okay, but not make it too much like a game. That being said, learning how to program isnt always a walk in the park, but these nifty coding games will the make the learning process effortlessly smooth. Read on.

Right from the outset, CodinGame is a work of total ingenuity. This cross-platform coding game that supports every language, from Bash, PHP and JavaScript to Ruby on the Rail and everything in between allows learners to solve challenging coding problems in an entirely enjoyable manner.

These are just but a few coding games that are poised to make learning programming less changing and bit more enjoyable.

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In the past few years, coding games for kids have gained increased traction among students who are trying to learn the ropes of programming. And for good reason. Coding games make learning how to code a whole lot easier and even much more fun than just reading a book. As you might expect, these games come in a huge variety, with most of them either downloadable, browser-based or both.

Kodable is one of the best code games that are ideal for kids aged between 5 and 8. Its a free game that scaffolds programmings so that your little ones can learn programming without much hassle.

Codemoji has lessons for everyone to learn how to code!

Top Coding Games For Kids That Make Learning Programming Much Easier and Fun For Kids

If your little one loves chemistry, then SpaceChem is one of the best coding games for him or her. It is, essentially, a fusion of pseudo-chemistry and programming in a science fiction environment.

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Much like Dash robots, Lightbot and Lightbot Jr, a version for much younger children, allow you to solve a puzzle (in this case lighting up a series of blue tiles) by programming it through a series of instructions. This puzzle game makes programming fun thanks to its developer Danny Yaroslavski.

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