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What kid hasnt always wanted to have their own robot that they can control? In our robotics class, students learn to program their robots to do amazing things. This is one of the absolutely most fun and educational things we do here at CodeREV Kids.


Orientation. So many important fields in life require detail orientation. Learning programming teaches students to be very detail-oriented because if students type just one letter, character, or space incorrectly in their code, their programs wont work!

3D Design & Animation, and Minecraft Modding & STEAM!

San Francisco – Mercy High School Summer Tech Camp

Sublime Text is one of the most commonly used editors for writing code in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It allows us to see what we create live as we create it and save our work.

San Francisco – Sunnyside Summer Tech Camp

Html 5 is the newest version of HTML. This is what most programmers would refer to as the skeleton or the blueprints of coding. It is the code that ultimately lies underneath just about any programming language, and it is a very important language to learn. We teach to use this to build website structure and content. Then, students learn to use CSS and Javascript to spice up what they create.

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Mission Viejo/Aliso Viejo Summer Tech Camp

The magic word in so many schools today is present in almost all of our lessons. We teach to the common core in computer science, literacy, problem solving, and mathematics. We also teach to the common core by providing programs that are all project based so that students are learning through exploration.

Kids just love to build projects using engineering stepping stones. Our Little Bits exploration program enables students to work together to create dynamic electronic projects while instilling skills in teamwork and creativity. Students can program their simple and complex projects and begin building at early ages.

We teach students to use their imaginations to think outside the box to problem solve. Because our program is designed with a learn-by-doing approach, students get to dive into their digital projects head first and learn as they explore the technology required to build each project. This exploration allows students to learn to think critically and ask the right questions as they encounter and conquer obstacles throughout their projects. Our mentors are there to lead students when they misstep, so that they never get stuck for too long and they never give up.

We teach students to apply mathematics to programming. This allows them to experience first-hand the practical application of the math they learn at school. Additionally, we offer Mathcraft, a cutting edge, data and research supported program developed by our very own Jim Pike that teaches core curriculum math concepts for 3rd 8th graders in a fun, interactive environment, using Minecraft.

CSS is responsible for the aesthetic appearance of our websites. Students learn to use CSS to make their website designs look and feel beautiful. By learning this language, students get to learn the artistic power they wield over their digital worlds.

Kids absolutely love Minecraft! So why not use what they love to help motivate students to learn while they have fun. We teach Minecraft modding. Modding allows students to create their own elements in the Minecraft environment using Java programming. Java is an object-oriented programming language that is taught in computer science classes in college.

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Chatsworth/Northridge Summer Tech Camp

Students learn important programming concepts while having a blast. We then teach students to use industry standard professional software to program their own apps using meteor.

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Students truly get to experience their super powers when they learn to program with Arduinos. Students learn the beginning building blocks of C++ as they learn to program their Arduinos to move, light up, make noise, and process a lot of information. This amazing platform provides a hotbed of creativity for more advanced students to embark upon the creation of projects that will blow your mind!

Students learn important programming concepts while having a blast. We then teach students to use industry standard professional software to program their own apps using meteor.

Empowering Students to become Tomorrows Creators, Designers, Programmers, and Developers

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We teach students app design and game design through Unity 3D game engine. This tool allows students to create very complex 3D games and apps and learn to use Javascript and C in a hands on, fun, creative environment.

We teach students app design and game design through Unity 3D game engine. This tool allows students to create very complex 3D games and apps and learn to use Javascript and C in a hands on, fun, creative environment.

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Solana Beach/Del Mar Summer Tech Camp

Irvine/Newport Beach Summer Tech Camp

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are what the country and school systems are attempting to teach our next generations. We provide hands on exploration in these vital educational areas, allowing even non-math or science students to thrive in STEM. After all, what good is STEM if students dont get to experience it in a hands-on way?

Javascript is one of the most important languages students can learn today. More and more programming is trending toward javascript programming right now. For developing websites, most functions and movement come from javascript. We teach this complex language by breaking it down in easy to understand exercises using our CodeREV Kids App. We then teach students to control what they have created using Javascript with their websites, and finally, teach them to use the fun and ever useful jquery.

We Teach Coding, Robotics, Game-Based Learning,

As you can see when you visit our Center, we are big fans of monkeys! We use this amazing program developed by some of the same MIT guys and gals to teach programming functions using text. This helps students to grasp the concepts behind what they are doing before they actually learn to apply this in each programming language.

Our Code Geniuses challenge students

We lead students through group projects, which instills in students a richer understanding of the power of teamwork. By tackling projects together with their peers, Code REV Kids are empowered to work together toward building a project and get to see how each persons role is critical to the success of the end goal. This instills in students the same skills that will continue to be vital throughout their lives in the outside world.

Developed at MIT, Scratch introduces programming to students while revealing the fun we can have when we control our environments. We teach students to create their own exciting, dynamic games using this amazing program. Through our interactive lessons, students learn both the introductory elements to programming and to game design.

The programming we teach uses logic that builds off of itself. We teach students to understand how this logic works at an early age, which truly helps students build this vital intellectual skill. Furthermore, by teaching students to learn programming across many different languages and types, we instill in them an understanding of logic that is not context specific.

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We at CodeREV Kids believe that a childs creativity should be explored in order to grow to its full potential. Our program fosters creativity in students as they learn the power they possess to create in their own digital worlds. We offer many different creative outlets for students to explore their creative minds.

San Francisco – Outer Sunset Summer Tech Camp

as they guide them through the coding process

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