Coding Challenge

Job role tailored tests and challenges validated by IO Psychologists

Unlimited custom challenges and full library of HireVue-built assessments

Plagiarism detection and anti-cheating measures

Plagiarism protection and cheating prevention tools

Ready-to-deploy video interview setup with multiple question types to gauge culture and team fit

Evaluate any time, anywhere with iOS and Android apps for tech teams

A Fully Validated Assessment Tool For JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, SQL and Todays Modern Coding Languages

Placement happens fast for the best technical talent so time is of the essence. CodeVue quickly and automatically scores your candidates coding assessment, checks their answers for plagiarism and evaluates the creativity in the technical answers provided. Talent acquisition teams and hiring managers can evaluate candidates video responses quickly and on their own time. HireVue makes comparing candidates simple by placing all of their evaluation scores in one view.

CodeVue allows candidates on their own schedule to complete assessments for in demand coding languages like Java, C++, C alongside the video OnDemand interview process. Challenges are available in any language or domain and come with unlimited custom and debugging assessments.

Get insights into a candidates soft skills, not just their code

Todays software engineering teams need more than just coding proficiency. After candidates have been tested for hard skills, HireVue OnDemand assesses collaboration, problem solving, creativity, and other valuable soft skills. The final result is a streamlined process built to engage valuable talent and increase assessment completion rates.

Empower non-technical recruiters to find top tech talent

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