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Coding challenge what am I doing wrong?



just make sure you use different names for the different document ids (and make sure youre using different ids).

stage = new createjs2.Stage(canvas);

canvas = document.getElementById(canvas2);

Ive worked at this for days by myself and then worked on the phone with an Adobe support staff member. He solved the problem, but I tried to recreate his solution with two new files and it doesnt work. Its driving me nuts– except for differences in file names I cant see whats wrong with my code.

your first error is that init and init1 and init2 are using duplicate variable names. the same error is in both attempts.



stage = new createjssplash.Stage(canvas);

canvas2 = document.getElementById(canvas2);

//createjs2.Ticker.addEventListener(tick, stage);

mine is a bit more complicated as there is a preloadjs file

and dont have a canvas1 and canvas2 defined.

body onload=init(); init1(); style=background-color:D4D4D4

How to load multiple HTML5 canvas on the same page (the proper method)

createjs2.Ticker.addEventListener(tick, stage);

var createjssplash = createjssplash;

var createjs = createjs2;

body onload=init(); style=background-color:D4D4D4

// change the default namespace for the CreateJS libraries:

// change the default namespace for the CreateJS libraries:

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script src=two.js/script

// change the default namespace for the CreateJS libraries:

canvas id=canvas2 width=200 height=200 style=background-color:009933/canvas

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stage2 = new createjs2.Stage(canvas);

Thanks for your reply but I am unable to understand which variables you are talking about. Would you mind specifying which variables have to be changed by referring to hte line numbers on the attached screenshot? Im not familiar with Java and cant seem to tell whats a variable and whats not.


var createjs1 = createjs1;

exportRoot = new lib2.Untitled1();


exportRoot = new libbanner.banner();

exportRoot2 = new lib.test();

Heres my new code. Would appreciate any advice.

this works for one canvas but show me the code for two canvasses in the one document with two canvasses working


Heres the problem. I want to combine two HTML5 Canvas outputs generated in Flash CC onto the same HTML page. One file is called banner and the other is called splash. Files exported by Flash work fine independantly. But when combining them something gets screwed up and only the second file gets read. All I see is two canvases, one blank the other working fine.

body onload=init(); init2(); style=background-color:D4D4D4


body onload=init(); style=background-color:D4D4D4

createjs.Ticker.addEventListener(tick, stage2);

script src=splash.js/script

script src=banner.js/script

var createjsbanner = createjsbanner;

canvas id=canvas2 width=550 height=400 style=background-color:FFFFFF/canvas

var createjs = createjssplash;

Sorry, but it doesnt work. Also the Adobe tech didnt change variable names either and it worked then.

script src=flash1.js/script

// change the default namespace for the CreateJS libraries:

createjsbanner.Ticker.addEventListener(tick, stage);


And for what its worth, heres the code for two similar files produced by the Adobe staff support worker:



can somebody show me an exampe of working code with two canvasses?


Downloading, Installing, Setting Up

var createjs = createjs2;

exportRoot = new libsplash.splash();


exportRoot2 = new o();

var createjs2 = createjs2;

canvas id=canvas1 width=550 height=100 style=background-color:FFFFFF/canvas

stage = new createjsbanner.Stage(canvas);

//createjs1.Ticker.addEventListener(tick, stage);

stage = new createjs1.Stage(canvas);

rename all the js variables and functions in one of the html files (to make sure there are no name collisions when you get to the step where you combine them) and make sure it still works after doing that. you can then combine the two html files

canvas2 = document.getElementById(canvas2);

script src=two.js/script

canvas id=canvas width=550 height=100 style=background-color:FFFFFF/canvas

stage2 = new createjs.Stage(canvas2);

var createjs2 = createjs2;

also check out this tread:How to load multiple HTML5 canvas on the same page (the proper method)

createjssplash.Ticker.addEventListener(tick, stage);

script src=flash2.js/script

canvas = document.getElementById(canvas1);

canvas = document.getElementById(canvas);

Coding challenge: what am I doing wrong?


// change the default namespace for the CreateJS libraries:

var createjs = createjsbanner;

canvas id=canvas2 width=200 height=200 style=background-color:009933/canvas

Jive Software Version: , revision: 410.6eafe9c.release_8.0.3.x

LANNY createjs specialist has answered . And it is working fine

WOO HOO! IT WORKED!!!! Thank you for all your patience! I just had to slow down and work through it but you gave me the confidence that I wasnt just spinning my wheels.

var createjs = createjs1;

canvas = document.getElementById(canvas);

exportRoot = new lib1.Untitled1();


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canvas id=canvas width=550 height=120 style=background-color:FFFFFF/canvas


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