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we have used Standard set Controller for getting list views & for pagination from this link:

We should be able to enter values in those fields and those values when clicked on the Save button should save in the custom objects.

Now we need to change the pagination to somwthign like this :

Thanks .. thought to share .. may be useful for someone who will come across such scenario in future. 🙂

Waiting on the next chapters:-) Champion gets slow:-)

I have a situation, I want to mass update a custom objects custom fields. Im using list, but somehow its only updating first and last record. Please let me know, if Im doing something wrong. Here is the code

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You just need to code the buttons to say the current page numbers instead of the arrows. This is one more thing to track in your controller.

Could you please suggest some possible chances to acieve this.

Also, you need to add a few more buttons but that shouldnt be too difficult!

I have referred your org and came to know about iframe to be used to display youtube video in VF page. When I tried to demonstrate this with other video link (apart from what you have coded) , I found its failing. In analysis I could understand its because of the parameter it is receiving in the link.Now my question is that if someone wish to use youtube link mentioned like below in the code , how it should be done.

So David when do we expect to see you putting some extra challenges for us to work on and brush up our skills we learned so far? Thank you for your time, as always!

I got the answer , it was my mistake , we should use embed link rather than the direct link what we come across in youtube.

If you have any hesitation within you, I recommend a nice cold beer (or two). Always works for me!

I have a requirement where user can enter account details thru which he/she will receive the payment(confidential information like account details), but no one in the org can able to see that field and that field should in in encrypted formate.

trigger caseLimit on Case (before insert,before update,after undelete) mapId,list ownerIdtocases = new mapId,list();set ownerIdSet = new set();for(case;ownerIdtocases.get(c.OwnerId).add(c)el搜索引擎优化wnerIdtocases.put(c.OwnerId,new listc)for(case c:[SELECT ownerId,CreatedDateFROM caseWHERE createdDate = THIS_MONTHAND OwnerId IN:ownerIdSet])if(ownerIdtocases.containsKey(c.OwnerId))ownerIdtocases.get(c.OwnerId).add(c)el搜索引擎优化wnerIdtocases.put(c.OwnerId,new listc)ownerIdSet.clear();for(list c:ownerIdtocases.values())if(c.size()99)ownerIdSet.add(c.get(0).OwnerId)for(case many cases created this month for user+ c.OwnerId)

for(Financials__c F : lstFin)if(F.IsLatest__c != true)F.IsLatest__c = trueupdate lstFin;

This is just a request that wouldnt it be great if you keep coming with few (2 to 3 only) trigger questions/Challenges per week and just post the question here on sfdc99? It will help us to brush up our all skills that we have learned in 3 courses so far.Thank you sir & I appreciate your time reading comments here, Thank You!

The visual page force should contain some fields of Custom Object.

Account[] AcctFin = [select Id, (select Id,IsLatest__c from Account_Financials__rorder by date__c desc limit 1) from Account where Number_of_Financials__c 0 limit 5];

Almost forgot about that! Yes they will come! Next post will be on Chapter 8 first though!

The visual page force should contain 6 fields of Custom Object.

Try using an encrypted field and setting sharing to private (without granting access using hierarchies)

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Big fan here.Are you going to post the solutions to the other Trigger problem??

We should be able to enter values in those fields and those values when clicked on the Save button should save in the custom objects.

Thanks for replay..And Of course, the difficulty level can increase as we move further in challenges!I am looking forward then David!now its like. cant go to sleep if I dont write some lines of code 🙂 I am not kidding;)

LOL its on the backlog!! Its a BIG backlog!

for (Account A : AcctFin)for(Financials__c fin: A.Account_Financials__r)lstFin.add(fin)

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