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a STEAM-based experience that promotes creative problem-solving.Osmo Coding Jam teaches children coding with music.a STEAM-based experience that promotes creative problem-solving.Osmo Coding Jam teaches children coding with music.

Coding Jam comes with 23 high-quality Osmo Coding blocks. Use them seamlessly across all Osmo Coding games.

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Once theyve composed a jam, kids can safely share it with friends, family and the jam community.

From prehistoric cave beats, to interplanetary pings, to science-lab techno grooves kids playfully code sounds from these different character worlds to create their own unique beats.

Start with a beat and end with a hit! In this open ended game, your little jammer mixes sounds and shares compositions all while learning the basics of coding.Wonderful worlds filled with musical characters

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7c317cf.order codingjam

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Experience the award-winning Osmo Coding Family with three hands-on games. Explore with Awbie, make music with Jam, and solve challenging puzzles with Duo.

Kids love music, right? Now they can compose their own by arranging Osmos Coding Blocks into patterns and sequences. So its happy, hands-on play, and an awesome way to introduce Coding. Rock On!


Coding Awbie:Puzzles, Adventure, Problem Solving

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Kids 512 use coding blocks to create explosive beats.Learn

Your browser does not support HTML video.Use real world blocks to create music

Coding Jam:Music, Creation, Experimentation

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Record your song, and once youre satisfied, you can safely share it with the world. Here are some great songs made with Coding Jam.

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Kids get to know codings creative side while developing an ear for rhythm, melody and harmony.Share

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