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7. If, in the physicians notes, the patients diastolic blood pressure is consistently higher than 120 and is experiencing renal failure, the coder should consult the physician to determine if this persons hypertension is _________.

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An E Code to describe a late hit during a football game.

2. Parkinsons Disease is known as a (n):

Are common in insomniacs, and always coded from the psychiatric portion of ICD-9. Always coded alone.

4. Which of the following is NOT listed as a dependency in ICD-9?

3. The patient is standing on a chair at a Bon Jovi concert (at a music hall), falls offand sustains a brain stem injury when he hit the concrete floor. He loses consciousness, does not regain consciousness, and dies within 36 hours. Code the best combination for this episode:

The residual effect that remains from the acute phase of an injury or illness.

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5. Which of the following are NOT a group specifically identified in ICD-9 as susceptible to extrinsic allergic alveolitis?

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6. Code for Type II Diabetes, uncontrolled, with renal manifestations (Kimmelstiel-Wilson syndrome).

1. Tinea Corporis is commonly known as:

Categorized according to the Statute of limitations (time limit) of the disease, condition or injury.


Whether a drug overdose was accidental or on purpose.

Is caused by the septicemia bacterialus..

Is an infection that invades the blood stream.

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