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Why do you need common fields in a database?

What is an algorithm for the addition of two matrices?

As ever, there is a choice; you can use Frames – the top frame might have navigation options to other pages on the site – or you could use a table.

include main() int num1; int num2; int a; printf(Enter any two numbers :); scanf(%d%d,&num1, for(a=num1;num1

Why programmers use assembly to write programs?

What is Factor programming languages is all about?

Describe the area of structured types in an object oriented database and give an example of their use?

How interrupts are handled in rtos?

What are the significant IT milestones presented in the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley?

What do you call the alignment of text centered between left and right margins?

to declare a Variable you use Dim then you name the Variable sofor example Dim Var1

What Program that will display the even numbers in data structures and algorithms?

A compiled program is source code that is translated to eithermachine code (native code) or byte code. Native machine coderequires no further translation and can be executed as-is, but bytecode must be interpreted in order to produce the required machinecode. Java is an example of a language that…

How can you get Java through foxfire?

char *string = this is a test; char *p; for (p=string; *p!=\0; p++) if (*p== ) *p=-;

A Java thread can be considered as similar to a user level thread. Let us say you are running a web browser, windows media player and GTalk for chat simultaneously – Actually the operating system is running an individual thread for each of these apps which gives you a seamless feeling of things…

The most common reason I have for catching Exceptions in Java is when reading information from a file. So lets look at an example where we read and display the contents of a file. // Note that the main method may throw a FileNotFoundException. // This means that if the file we try to read from…

What can be used to spilt a webpage into sections?

Following is the list of versions of visual studio: Product name . Version . Visual Studio. 4.0 . Visual Studio 97. 5.0 . Visual Studio 6.0. 6.0 . Visual Studio .NET (2002). 7.0 . Visual Studio .NET 2003. 7.1 . Visual Studio 2005. 8.0 . Visual Studio 2008. 9.0 . Visual Studio 2010. 10.0 .

It helps students think about why certain chunks of code are thereand how they affect the program itself. This helps in programming,as once you see a block of code that does one job, you can usuallyreplicate it within your own work to bypass problems.

C plus plus programs – to replace every space in a string with a hyphen?

To provide fault tolerance active directory utilizes what replication model?

Explain different types of comment line in JAVA?

Assembly language allows the developer to have almost total control over what the sequence of instructions will be when a program executes. A compiler tries to translate a high level language such as C++ into a series of instructions, but a good assembly language programmer may be able to optimize…

Coding in c language to find the difference between two dates in days?

From oldest to newest: FORTRAN, COBOL, BASIC, and C++

Modularisation. It could also be called refactoring, where large and complex functions are split into several simpler functions, making code easier to read. Refactoring can also help to reduce code duplication.

What VBScript keyword is used to formally declare a variable used by the script before trying to use it?

Runnable in java , is an interface which helps in creating threads. E.g. you want to create thread Demo , then you will do like this class Demo implement Runnable // your code Now to start thread in a program you have to do like this /* create your thread class object & then pass it to thread…

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Structured types in object oriented database?

What is the meaning of final keyword in Cplusplus language?

Let n is that number and occ is the no of occurrence of aelement el in n. so, i = n; occ = 0; // Initializing occ to zero. while(i


Program in c to find whether number is a Armstrong or strong number?

What is abstraction why is it usefull in software engineering?

An object is a thing that occupies memory, has a value, and has methods that manipulate it. As such, even elementary variables are objects. Most, however, consider that an object in C++ is an instance of a class type. // declaration and definition class myClass … attributes … methods ……

include include template class Matrix1D public: using data_type = std::array; using iterator = typename data_type::iterator; using const_iterator = typename data_type::const_iterator; private: data_type m_data; public: ~Matrix1D () = default; Matrix1D () = default; Matrix1D (const Matrix1D&) =…

A common field is a field of data that is shared among all forms ina database. Without them, it would be difficult and/ortime-consuming to create other forms.

What is meant by front end in software development?

include include void main() int a[10],i,evc=0,odc =0;// sum=0; clrscr(); printf(enter 10 no.s in the array\n); for(i=0;i

What is the difference between a knowledge base and a database?

Why we need conceptual design of Management Information System?

In the original, none; Pascals thing was structured programming, which was the death knell for Basics spaghetti code. Object oriented features were added later: Turbo Pascal. Much the same as c morphed into c++.

What are the 5 most common HTML attributes?

There are many way to define a term, one of which is: When a class inherits properties and behaviours of two more classesit is said to be multiple inheritance.

A structuredcomplex object database differs from an unstructured complex objectdatabase in that the objects structure is defined by repeatedapplication of the type constructors provided by the OODBMS. Hence,the object structure is defined and known to the OODBMS.

How can write a C plus plus programming on matrix addition only?

Here is a website with all kinds of java programming books:

What is another term for a page file and what are they used for?

Put these programming languages you order from oldest to newest basic c plus plus cobol fortran?

What if someone is using your url in there title along with there url and thoughtout the page with links that lead to other pages within there site what can you do?

Why has the advent of graphical user interfaces influenced the shift from procedural programming to object oriented event driven programming?

C program to find the occurrence of an element in a number?

You need to make a Program that usualy is in either a popularprogramming engine.

When all references to an object is Java are gone, the garbage collector will come along and free up the memory used by that object. Every Java object has a method named finalize , which is called by the garbage collector when the memory for that object is being deallocated. Finalization is…

Which language is used for windowsxp?

How can you differentiate overloading of pre-fix and post-fix increment operator?

James Thompson Marshall was a railway and mechanical engineer. Originally employed at the Oxford Steam Plough Company in Cowley, Oxfordshire, he moved to Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, continuing his career at Boyne Engine Works. He spend his career, however, in England.

What are the versions of visual studio?

In program c accept numbers num1 and num2 find the sum of all add numbers between the two numbers entered?

Frequently asked questions on database recovery?

// set up reader BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader( )); // number of line to read int numberOfLines = 3; // initialize the counter for number of characters int numberOfChars = 0; // prompt user to enter the lines of text System.out.format(Enter %d lines of…

Which layer performs data compression?

Is this what you mean? include int main(). int number;. printf(Enter any integer: );. scanf(%d,. if(number % 2 ==0). printf(%d is even number.,number);. else. printf(%d is odd number.,number);. return 0;. . Sample output:. Enter any integer: 5. 5 is odd number.. Code 2:. 1. …

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What VB Script keyword is used to formally declare a variable used by the script before trying to use it?

Mainly C and C++ and a bit of assembly language.

All arithmetic, logical operators are operators in c tokens. As: +, – , ++, –, %, &&, &,

What is the definition of synthetic method?

What are 3 ways SQL can access a relational database?

A task pane is a dialog box that is presented inside a window panerather than a separate window. Dialog box is a secondary windowthat appears when the system needs input from the user to carry onwith a particular process such as: during installation of softwaresometimes system prompts you whether to…

I would say Computer science because it covers things into moredepth. Also there is a wider choice to pick from so youre notlimited.

The Soul of the Great Bell (Short Story)

NOTE: This can take several seconds to complete. Only do this when you are done with your changes.

Since the conceptual design sets the direction for the managementinformation system (MIS). It is vital that managers participateseriously and heavily at this stage. Conceptual design is sometimescalled feasibility design, gross design or high level design. The conceptual design phase takes as…

Protocols other than http and HTML?

ETT results of J and K Board 2007-09?

What is the Definition of multiple inheritance?

What are the object features of pascal programming language?

Multithreading: Multithreading is a process of executing multiple threadssimultaneously.. The concept of threads provides a mechanism to make maximumutilization of CPU.Basically a thread is a light weightprocess. . Both multithreading and multiprocessing are used to achievemultitasking.But…

What is the minimum possible number of attributes of a key in a relational model What is the maximum?

A nested structure is simply one structure inside another. Theinner structure is local to the enclosing structure. struct A struct B ; ; Here, we can instantiate an instance of A as normal. A a; But to instantiate B we must qualify the type because it is localto A: A::B b; If B were only…

Where can I get a PHP tourism management script?

The ng.System class contains several useful classfields and methods. It cannot be instantiated.Facilities providedby System: standard output error output streams standard input and access to externally defined properties andenvironment variables. A utility method for quickly…

Write a program in java to print Capital of a State entered?

Front Ends are tools through which the user accesses the data in the backend and interacts with data. For example to Enter Data, Edit Data, Delete Data which is stored in backend the frontends are necessary. User friendly front ends are necessary when the user not aware of accessing the data without…

Discusses the critical elements of object oriented client-server design?

Where is the dialog box on your desktop?

What are the parts of the turbo pascal program?

Answer for abstraction Abstraction is a oops concept. It provides a facility to hide some unimportant information and provide us some information which is important for the client programmers. Eg If we consider a car which has lot of parts such as wheels steering DVD player etc. We need to know how…

Ett Results for the J&K are available at the jkbose website jkbose .in/resultsallnoti.php website

Time space trade off in data structure?

SWAP file.. Sometimes its called swap file like for Linus Sytems. You need a page file to save data when you are using your operation system. If dont have enough RAM OS doesnt have enough space in your memory to work properly. So, in such case OS uses a paging file. When you have 512 Mb or more…

0) rem = i % 10; // This gives a digit in the number. if(rem == el) occ++; // If rem is same as el then increamentocc. i = i / 10; //By this we are…

There are no objects in C, so you cant. However, in C++ you can convert an integer to an object if theobjects class exposes a public conversion constructor that acceptsan integer argument. For example: class X public: X (int); // conversion constructor // … ; How the conversion is…

What are the methods in System class?

How do you tell the difference between 64 bit and 32 bit?

What program language do computer games use?

Which book is good for java programming beginners?

To clarify, HTML is not actually a protocol in the sense thatyoure thinking; its a language. Languages are of course protocolsin themselves, but not in the commonly used sense in the IT field,which presumably is the nature of your question. Some protocols commonly used in the IT field are: ….

final keyword when used with a variable makes it a constant whichmeans we cannot change its value further: eg: final int MY_CONST = 30; // creating a constant with final keyword MY_CONST = 40;//this line will generate an error as MY_CONST is aconstant ————————————– static…

A 32-bit system has a maximum 2^32 unique memory addresses, whichis 4,294,967,296 addresses in total. Each address refers to a byte(the smallest unit of storage), thus this allows a maximum addressspace of 4 gigabytes. Each additional bit doubles the number ofavailable addresses, thus a 64-bit…

C program using array to find how many no are even and odd?

To test whether Java is installed and enabled in Firefox, visit oneof these Java test pages: Verify Java Version Verify Java Version (alternate) When you visit these pages, you will normally need to activateJava. The article How to allowJava on trusted sites explains how.

*NOTE*: The answer to your above question is to use the DIM statement…which means DIMension; you use it to formally declare VBScript variables *before* using them; and, this is meant to set aside sufficient memory space to use the variable in. EXAMPLE 1/VBScript code… DIM intX DIM intY …

What are objects and how they created in c plus plus?

include include include include void swap(int& x, int& y) x^=y^=x^=y; void bubble_sort(int* A, int size) while(size) int n=0; for(int i=1; iA[i]) swap(A[i-1], A[i]); n=i; size=n; void insertion_sort(int* A, int size) for(int i=1; i

Toll Free :. For BT Yahoo – United Kingdom. Is thisthe right phone number?

Difference between Java threads and user level thread?

Addition of two matrices is simply performed by iterating over all of the elements and adding elements with like indices together. A c code snippet… for (i=0; i

Write a simple java program using exceptions?

import*; class StateCap protected static void main()throws IOException BufferedReader in=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(; String s[]=Uttar Pradesh,Maharshtra,West Bengal,Bihar,Jharkhand,Kerala,Tamil Nadu,Madhya Pradesh,Sikkim,…

Font color is the color of a font on a computer screen, on a printed document, or in HTML/CSS/web design (the websites font color). Hope that helps.

How is scanning of programming useful to students?

Database is a collection of facts, figures and statistics relatedto an object. Data can be processed to create usefulinformation. A knowledge base is a special kind of database for knowledgemanagement. It provides the means for the computerized collection,organization, and retrieval of knowledge

I bought a 1 ton split A\C this week. Its power consumption is1000 W. The outer temperature in our area in day time is 34-36degree Celsius. I set up the ac for a 27 degree which iscomfortable for me. So i want to know, how to reduce then powerconsumtion of this ac. My room is much smaller 10(w) X 8…

Concepts of nested structure in c plus plus?

Menu driven source code in c plus plus for selection sort bubble sort and insertion sort?

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

What is the definition of font color?

Simply because, GUIs can be of any level of complexity. Elementssuch as buttons, links, etc all need to properly reference todifferent objects. If you click here, go there, if you click downthere, go here, etc. It is like a very big, complex web. You canimagine that procedural code would make it…

What are the Data types in middle level language?

If a program is using too much system resources and bogging down other applications what can you do to fix the problem?

Write a c program using function with argument and with return value to find sum of odd and even series?

There is actually no difference to the final result; only the way in which you get to it is different. If you create a page in MS Word and then use the function to convert to a webpage, all Word does is create HTML code that will make a page look like the page you designed. Note though that the…

What is the difference between array and linklist?

What are the methods and interfaces from string and vector class?

I actually have the author of this book as one of my Computer Science Professors at Armstrong. The book is really well layed out and easy to understand, even for beginners! The book is: Introduction to Java Programming *Eigth Edition By: Y. Daniel Liang Here is his website, it has a list of all…

The prefix increment operator is overloaded as operator++() while the postfix increment operator is overloaded as operator++( int ).

What are the operators in c tokens?

\n. \n. \nIn web context, absolute links are those that have a full URI in the href attribute, for example:\n. \n absolute link to this answer \n. \nRelative links specifies the address relatively to the current page. Since all other pages on this site share the same root, you can specify their…

What is the difference between the code when you typed in HTML and now when you created the web page is Microsoft Word?

Using c plus plus when you ask user to press Y or N to continue even if you press any other letters aside from N it will continue How do you make it continue by only pressing Y?

Java has three types of comments that I know of… Single line comments beginning with a double forward obliquestroke: // This is a single line comment // heres another Theres also multi-line comments: /* This comment could ** traverse ** many lines. It starts with a forward oblique stroke, **…

Every Pascal program must follow a basic structure. While thisstructure is very similar to Karel programming, there are severaldifferences. Below is the basic structure that every Pascal programmust follow. PROGRAM ProgramName ; V AR VariableName :VariableType; VariableName : VariableType; … …

Data is stored as objects and can be interpreted only using themethods specified by its class.

Most likely the attributes style, class, id, type and src.

Similarities and differences of multitasking and multithreading?

can u please elaborate the question for details on database visit tutorialsera

They might not have made the last game many have been released since the question was asked including. Major League Baseball 2K12 PS2 release was March 6 2012 and they may make a Major League Baseball 2K13 for the PS2 FIFA 12 PS2 release was on September 27 2011 and they may make a FIFA 13 for…

What pays more computer science or information technologies?

There are three Types of Dialog Boxes in JavaScript 1. alert() : The simplest to direct output to a dialog boxis to use the alert () method. The alert dialog box is usedto display an alert message to the user. 2. prompt() : The prompt() method dialog box allows the userthe opportunity to…

Visual Cadd is a super-productive 2D design and drafting software for a very reasonable price. You can try out Visual CADD 5 by downloading the 30 day trial. This is a fully functional version, and includes all features including the ability to save and print Visual CADD files as well as import…

Stop unwanted processes and run antivirus software.

The film opens with the creation of the 1984 commercial for Apple Computer ,which introduced the first Macintosh. Steve Jobs ( NoahWyle ) is speaking with director Ridley Scott ( J. G. Hertzler ), trying to convey hisidea that Were creating a completely new consciousness. Scott…

In which version of SharePoint was the concept of My Sites?


What are different dialog boxes in JavaScript?

Write a conditional that tests for the letter the user entered, ifit is Y it continues, if its not it exits.

What is the difference between static variable and final variable in java?

A category for questions about computer programming and programming languages.

M.C.A could be almost anything, maybe a name of a school or schooldepartment? Lex (short for Lexical Analyzer)`is a specialized programminglanguage that takes a set of specifications for how to scan textand find specific items in the text and generates C language sourcecode that is compiled with…

Important ways to access relational database: 1. Accessing the relational database using JDBC with Spring. 2. LIBNAME Statement for relational database. 3. Using HBase

What is the best stack to use with anadrol?

What is lex in system software and assembly language programming subject in M.C.A?

What is the difference between garbage collector and finalization?

Actually, when you declare a variable as final then the value assingned to the variable does not changes throughout the program. For example, class d public final int n=10; In this class d, the value of n would be 10 & its value cannot not be altered by any function declared…

Give the program for finding smallest number in 8085 microprocessor?

How do you document development to adhere to the standards set forth for the project?

You can use following steps for finding smallest number in 8085microprocessor :- XRA ; clear the accumulatorMVI B, 30H ; load a number to B RegisterMVI C, 40H ; load a number to C RegisterMOV A, B ; Move the content of B to ACMP C ; Compare value of C against…

What is long-lived file and database servers?

The Factor programming language combines powerful language featureswith a full-featured library. The implementation is fully compiledfor performance, while still supporting interactive development.Factor applications are portable between all common platforms.Factor can deploy stand-alone…

Java Program requests and reads three lines of text and output the total number of characters entered sample code?

include include void main() int number, sum = 0, rem = 0, cube = 0,temp; printf (enter a number); scanf(%d, temp = number; while (number != 0) rem = number % 10; cube = pow(rem, 3); sum = sum + cube; number = number / 10; if (sum == temp) printf (The…

yes, but need to check more details about that.

What is the ebcdic code for the letter B?

Which book is good for java programming?

To calculate the least common multiple (lcm) of decimals (integers)and fractions you first need to calculate the greatest commondivisor (gcd) of two integers:. int gcd (int a, int b) int c; while (a != 0) c = a; a = b % a; b = c; return b; With this function in place, we can calculate the…

What is the least common multiple of decimals and fractions in C?

Program to compute difference between two dates include include void main() int day1,mon1,year1,day2,mon2,year2; int ref,dd1,dd2,i; clrscr(); printf(Enter first day, month, year); scanf(%d%d%d,&day1,&mon1, scanf(%d%d%d,&day2,&mon2, ref = year1; if(year2

Chapter 3 : Entity – Relationship Modelling The aims of this chapter are: . To explain the need for entity-relationship modelling . To explain the terms entity-relationship model,entity-relationship diagram . To define the terms entity type, entity, attribute, attributevalue, primary key,…

What is called Dividing a program into function and modules?

How do you convert integer to objects in c?

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