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Do you know if its 5 business days after we receive the link or 5 business days from the email to do the challenge?

I got the link yesterday. I havent done it yet, but Im a little nervous. Are the questions generic or do they depend on the internship that you applied for?

I applied for a data science internship at IBM, and received an email about the IBM Coding Challenge this morning. The challenge consist of 8 questions: 5 questions will require a video response and 3 questions will require coding. It is described to me as a screening test that may take up to 3 hours and will assess my analytical skills and knowledge. They recommend that I complete the test in one sitting. Can anyone who went through this process give me an idea what to expect. What was the difficulty level of the questions and how to prepare?

Anyone here who still didnt get the link?

Hi, did you have any simple coding question (i.e., what is the output of print str if str = Hello World?)?

lol i guess they decided to screw us all

Im in this situation too! I would check glassdoor; its a career website where people post about companies, including their interview experiences. If you search data scientist and intern questions some helpful info would pop up.

Will we hear back even if we dont get selected to move on?

Did u guys receive the hirevue link yet?

How long did it take you? Im nervous about how little time it took me. I think for me, it either went really well or really poorly.

Why do you think so? Did you try emailing m?

i didnt get it yet. Should I contact them?

Another dude on the same boat! I havent got my link yet so lets hold tight haha

Anyone finished the hirevue coding challenge yet?? What were the questions like?

Has anyone completed the interview and gotten a response yet? Finished my interview 2 weeks ago this Saturday so I am curious.

did you guys get a response yet? its been like almost 3 weeks and I still have no response

Mine also had 14 questions with no coding-just video responses and essay questions. Just finished it!

I havent gotten the link yet either. Not really sure who to contact about it.

I also did not get any back from them. Referred 3 months ago, challenged 20 days ago…

Id really rather not say. Just to protect the integrity.

Yeah I did they said they would forward my question to the appropriate department but i did that over 12 days ago, so I dont know.

I cant reveal any questions, but I finished in about 20-30 minutes, for what its worth.

Im pretty sure its 5 days after we receive the link; wouldnt make sense if it was 5 days without the link. Did you receive it yet? I didnt.

Hey just took mine yesterday. How many questions was yours? The email I got before I got sent the link explained the interview as 8 questions, 5 video response and 3 coding, but that was not the case. It was 14 questions, no coding, probably 7 or 8 video response questions and 6 or 7 open ended response questions. Very strange I thought did anyone else have the same interview or amount of questions?

I havent gotten a response yet. The last day to do it was Tuesday of last week, so Im getting really nervous. From what Ive read, well get a response regardless of how we did.

Send an email and theyll get back to you.

I did not. Hopefully it comes tomorrow.

I got the link a couple minutes ago but havent taken it yet.

Hopefully youll also find some pointers here 🙂

Yeah i still havent gotten the link

I think we should hear back this week, though, since tomorrow is the last day for our batch to do the coding challenge.

wow only 20-30 mins?? im guessing there is no hard OOP questions then

Did you take it yet? How were the questions like?

still havent gotten the HireVue invite

nothing yet… why they take so long~ when is this internship supposed to begin?

Same here 😛 I wasnt really sure how detailed I needed to be with a lot of the questions (i.e. did I need to answer questions as if speaking to someone without a technical background?), but I tried to be as detailed as I thought necessary. I think I spent maybe 45 minutes on the whole thing…?

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Anyone heard anything back, either a rejection or next step in the process?

nope :/ and there doesnt look like theres a way to contact them either

I guess there is no direct method to contact with them

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