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Day 27 Testing Hacker Rank Solution In C

The first line of input contains t, the number of lectures.

The information for each lecture spans two lines. The first line has two space-separated integers, n (the number of students in the class) and k (the cancelation threshold). The second line contains n space-separated integers describing the array of students arrival times (A = a0, a1, a2, . . . ,a(n-1)).

cout-1 0 1 -1 2 3endl;

Explanation:-A Discrete Mathematics professor has a class of n students. Frustrated with their lack of discipline, the professor decides to cancel class if fewer than k students are present when class starts. Given the arrival time of each student, determine if the class is canceled.

Day 27: Testing Hacker Rank Solution In C++

For each test case, print the wordYESif the class is canceled orNOif it is not.

For the first test case, k = 3. The professor wants at least 3 students in attendance, but only 2 arrive on time (-3 and -1). Thus, the class is canceled.

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cout-1 0 1 2 3 4 5endl;

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cout-1 90 999 100 0endl;

Now there is contradiction according to this problem my first solution should work but I dont know why HackerRank is not accepting my solution and I tried much time but didnt succeed after a time I decide to read discussion section then I found a solution so for submitting solution you need to submit solution 2 and remember one thing there are no test cases for this question so you have to put custom test cases. The custom test case is below.

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Note:Non-positive arrival times (a(i)=0) indicate the student arrived early or on time; positive arrival times (a(i)0) indicate the student arrived a(i) minutes late. If a student arrives exactly on time ( a(i) = 0), the student is considered to have entered before the class started.

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For the second test case, k = 2. The professor wants at least 2 students in attendance, and 2 to arrive on time (0 and 1). Thus, the class is not canceled.

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