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Does anybody have any experience with App Academy?

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One question, just got a rejection letter from AA. I have some Ruby knowledge but I thought it was best for me to do my challenges in Javascript since I felt more comfortable with it.

Ive only heard positive things about App Academy overall. A student posted his experience here, its a good read:

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Does anybody have any experience with App Academy?(self.learnprogramming)

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You can also prepare for their admission questions with thiscour搜索引擎优化n Coderbyte or you can check out theirgithub

Thanks for insight on the matter! Sorry if the comments come off as bitter towards AA

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Im thinking of applying. Would love to hear what you guys think of it. What is the application process like?

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Were other students application processes different? I know someone in process right now. Theyve had 1 email challenge, 1 skype challenge, and have an invitation for 1 final nontechnical interview. Is this normal? What does a nontechnical interview look like?

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Was able to solve all of the challenges but they told me that in order for me to reapply, I had to solve the first 30 project Euler problems….

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Really? They make it seem like if I cant solve these practice problems I wont stand a chance of getting in. Well, thats comforting!

One of my friends graduated with his BS in Comp Sci and went into AA, and currently is contracted by Google doing Ruby, which he learned from AA. This makes me want to do it, and it seems to be great overall from his description.

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I thought it was weird that they wouldnt let me reapply by just taking another challenge in a month or two instead of solving 30 project Euler questions and emailing them.

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Does one have to have to graduate grad school to enroll?

Ran my code with the given test cases, and they came out alright. They sent me the message less than a day after I completed the second group of questions.

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I have very minor knowledge of Ruby. Im currently studying with a mentor right now, so I am improving every day. I understand the concepts, etc., but havent fully mastered problem solving yet. Is this an issue for the technical interview?

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I sent a follow up message asking was i couldve done better but they just send me a message saying JS was permitted.

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Did I make a mistake by using JS instead of Ruby? They said it was permitted in the instructions.

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