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When I was young I chose to begin to live as an adult, earlier than most. It was not easy, but it worked for me. In boot camp in the military in the late 1950s, I was confronted with the militarys version of Ask No Questions just Obey absolutely! Their phrase for this was You cant fight City Hall!I took that philosophical point as a challenge, to prove to myself that it could be done; and to a large degree I succeeded. After the military I struck out again, to try and figure out how I might be able to find a personal code of some kind, a rough form of how to live my life to its fullest and at the same time be able to live free, within the wider society.This effort seemed to be about balancing the RISKS in life, against the rigidity of the regimentation of the publicly-defined STABILITYI noticed then that most people had easily accepted various codes, or ways of living passed-on to them by others. This appeared to me to be the work of middle-men & women who took a major share of any life that they had been invited into. Most of those codes seemed like pre-packaged deals that were sold to various people in exchange for not questioning the things that seemingly had few if any answers. I watched my friends struggle with these pre-packaged codes, these disciplines or religions and discovered that this method seldom worked for anyone except those who had put these packages together (the acceptable religious & political factions of the pre-existing society). The proof of this for me was that individuals seemed not to have developed, from these pre-packaged programs, any real or personal codes that might help them find their own ways to live freely either in their own lives, or in the wider world.As it happened when I began to try and live as others did, I managed to become homeless in another country, without a back-up plan and without friends. I ended up trying many things just to survive; most of which didnt work. I dabbled at the fringes of life and played with addictions from afar. I watched how so many came to die from the choices they refused to make. That brought me back to the real need of some kind of code for myself that could help me make the right choices (for me); and let me find new ways to survive in a virtually trackless world.Everyone needs something like this experience in their lives; but it must be tailor-made just for them. You have to create your own code according to what each of you might be looking for, amid this world of addictions and distractions that kills so many, before we even start to live.Once you discover what that personal code might be, and begin to live it, life becomes far more of an Odyssey that works for you, because of your own experience and your choices. This way can take you so much further into the promise of that future that remains a mystery on so many levels: This personal choice can actually create a special place for you amid the confusion and the roadblocks of everyday life. Briefly, this choice is too important to leave to others, especially to those who have made a business out of prescribing this personal-process, for profit, to the unsuspecting who will blindly follow wherever they are told to go. All of this is what is now on-the-line within the OCCUPY MOVEMENT and with all the various possibilities that are being questioned everywhere now. (1)The so-called system we have now is something that has been broken for a very long time already. It is not a system that can or will allow itself to be changed either from within or from without: Because it was built as a broken-system to be immune to actual CHANGES. And of course its all about profits and criminal-enterprise; because that is what it was designed to produce. We, through our foreign policies, have claimed to bring Democracy & Freedom to so many other nations and yet all that we have actually delivered when it comes to our promises-are disease, destruction and massive death to the populations we have invaded with great regularity. Now it is our turn, and unfortunately we are instinctively calling for the same democracy & freedoms that we have routinely denied to everyone else.So why would this simplistic solution be any different now than it was for Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya or Pakistan or Syria? America has always been the real target of these stolen-promises that have eluded us for almost the totality of the time that this place has existed as a nation-state. And yet we are seemingly not able to differentiate between what is being sought or promised and what has already been destroyed in so many other nations.This society is filled with addictions. It can be addicting to play the markets, to gamble, to turn to drugs or to sex or to greed and artificial power for what we need just to get us through the night. We seem to prefer escapism, through games, through electronic devices, through artificial connectedness (without actual conversations) to actually living and laughing and enjoying the lives that we are supposed to living, and not just watching others for suspicious behaviors. SECURITY begins in the heart, the mind, the spirit and the bodies of each of us: It has never been about the artificiality of systems or weapons or fascist dictators: Because in the end all of that can only fail to protect, that which is never safe from critical-thought or from reality based challenges that will triumph in the end.The world we live in now is a criminal-place on virtually every level. But it has very recently been shaken to the point where all those AUSTERY programs are now in real danger of actual collapse. This is being driven by our ability to MOVE OUR MONEY out of the front line major banks in this country, and into community based banks and credit unions where that money can be used to help us and Not them.Heres part of that situation now: (2)Everyone seems to forget that we are dealing with the global mob and theyve been criminals since we left the caves. They have never TRUSTED anyone; ever! So when this criminal- TRUST fell apart that was the end of the entire charade. This began with the bankruptcy of MF Global in England, and has now spread to Greece & Italy, that have both failed, and very soon that fact too will become irrefutable.

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Now its everyone for themselves – and once that starts (in-the crooked-house that was America) then everyone plays for keeps, and no-one will be left standing unscathed. The real problem with that scenario is that it wont ever stop because of the built-in fear, the outright terror and paranoia: Especially when there are no more ripe and juicy MARKS to skin or kill – there will only be each other to rape & pillage amid the massive confusion and the panic caused by the sudden shift in every asset and every possibility. . .These creatures have become used to the kinds of wars where all sides get bribed or bought off until the right moment – but without the TRUST or their ability to TRUST even their own troops, or former-backers: EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE and millions will die before most of them can even catch their breath.Global transportation, communications and delivery will be massively interrupted and everywhere there will be unexpected mutinies, rebellions and inside jobs – all of it being carried out not for greed or profits but for sheer survival . . . and of course they have not factored this part of the coming war into their plans because they actually believed that they could once again just MANAGE the worst DEPRESSION in the history of the planet, but that wont happen now, because despite all their assets and current safe-houses all of that will just become a fond-memory with no substance in it for them, ever again. . .The one bright spot in all of this is the fact that the really-big banks here are losing their depositors, and if there were to be a run on what remains of those banks – they would fail. And if that happens that would rip the floor out from under the Federal Reserve, and without violence this nation could regain control over our own DEBT-FREE-MONEY once again and quite possibly we might just have an opportunity to stave off a global-meltdown; if we can keep Israel and the Zionists in this country from attacking Iran.We got through 11-9-11 without another global incident; so who is to say that we cannot succeed in removing these Criminal-Banks from the inventory of the Criminal-Elites? If the big-banks fail, the income going into the FED dries up; and without any confidence in the largest banks; the conspiracy against us collapses completely.Many feel trapped by what is happening everywhere now. But we still have personal OPTIONS and there are always CHOICES. All that remains is that we make the right choices and stand for ourselves without turning back to anything from that broken-system that has been trying with everything they have to kill us like cattle, inside this slaughterhouse which this county is on the verge of becoming.Cops, Politicians, Corporations, Bankers, Judges and Government have all been part of this attempt to murder us each and every day. Thats a huge burden, but its one that can be dealt with if we know what we believe-in and are willing to act upon our personal beliefs.The answers to these massive problems cannot be outsourced: They must be dealt with by those of us who have always been the INTENDED VICITMS of all these global-crimes.If we are willing to face the facts that compose the world of today; then there is a chance that we will succeed; but if we fall back into dependency upon any part of our broken-national-system, then we truly are finished. Our politics are a joke, our elections nothing but cynical exercises that rubber-stamped the victories of those that were decided on, long before the ballots were even created.We need to cut-out all the MIDDLE-MEN and their simplistic answers to complex questions. We must distance ourselves from all the various forms of the Elmer Gantrys that have inserted themselves into so many lives. The Republic and its Constitution, compared to the nightmare of USI, is very simple when compared to all the MILLIONS of fraud-ridden add-ons which the corporations have illegally added to our lives. Currently when all the taxes and insurance and fees, permits and fines along with city, state and municipal duties are added together the government already takes 85% of everything you earn-how long will it be before they take it ALL!Revert to that time before the country and its government were taken over by US INC; and LIFE could have a second-chance to breathe again But only if you and I are willing to see this through to the end of it!2) A Customer and Creditors Guide to the MF Global Bankruptcy

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