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Try a template for easy-peasy green screening!

FSL Pink Day Lesson Plan La journe rose

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1) Open a new Google Drawing. Use the margins to your advantage!

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Google Drawings is one of my favourite G Suite tools for getting creative with students. I love using it to create easy to use templates for my classes, especially at the beginning of the year or in the early years when they need some motivation to get their work started. Google Drawings Templates are easy to use and easy for teachers to make. The latest project with my grade 4 & 5 media literacy classes was to create infographics about digital citizenship and online safety.

3) Place (and resize if needed) the images or text in the margins.

I gave the template below to each student and away they went creating their amazing infographics. I instructed them to drag some icons onto the canvas and to add text, colours and fonts to create their final products.

For more info about Google Drawings and step-by-step tutorials check out myGoogle Drawings 101blog post.

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4) Assign through Google Classroom or force make a copy and give students the link.

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Have a template idea? Please share! Have fun getting creative with Google Drawings!

Digital Word Wall or Class Dictionary

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5) Now students can drag the images and text onto the canvas and easily get creating!

Im all about using G Suite tools to support student learning and creativity Google Drawings Templates helps me do just that!

French La citoyennet numrique Poster

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2) Insert images or text related to what you want the students to create or learn.

Here are a few examples of what my students came up with while using the infographic template as a starting point:

Why not try using a template as a digital space to work out a math problem? Heres an example where Ive added the question and the digital manipulatives the students could use to help solve and think about the problem.

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The template helped them get started and avoided the time that is sometimes wasted when students are searching for the perfect images. Of course, I allow them to search for images if they need something specific for their project. I consider the template to be a nice starting point and less intimidating than a blank canvas.

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Have a school event coming up? Make a poster template like the one below. I like to use black & white so when we print to hang them up in the halls the students can colour them in.

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Clickherefor your own copy of the Infographic Template.

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