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Googles been recruiting programmers based on their search habits

Dont bother searching forFoo.barthough — the test is invitation only. Finding the page is easy enough, but it wont let you play if you werent specifically asked to: To log in, you have to have logged in before, the page reads. Confused visitors are invited to, you guessed it, search Google for answers. Its a slightly creepy recruitment tool, but its also fun, quirky and refreshing. Try it out. If you can.

Seriously. If you search the right terms often enough, Google might interrupt your quest for knowledge with a question: Youre speaking our language. Up for a challenge? If you are, youll get access to, a UNIX-like interface that presents users with programming challenges. led Rosett through six different challenges, each with specific requirements and time limits. When he finished them all, it asked for his contact information — Google rang him up, ran him through the regular employment rounds and now he works there. Simple as that.

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Googles been recruiting programmers based on their search habits

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Want a job slinging code for Google? You might already be on the companys radar. According tonew Google hire Max Rosett, he never applied for a job at Google — the company reached out tohimafter he made a habit of using Google search as a programming resource. One day, a search for python lambda function list comprehension returned something unexpected: a secret Google recruitment test.

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