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Hacker Experience

You dont! The whole game can be played through your browser, whether you are using a PC with Linux, Windows, Mac, tablet or mobile phone.

Meanwhile, we have a specialboard designated to teach computer science and programmingfor people. Instead of engaging into useless flame wars, feel free to join and share your knowledge to others. Id callthathacker 🙂

The only reason we can offer Hacker Experience for free is because of the non-intrusive ads we show in the game.

Hacker Experience is a browser-based hacking simulation game, where you play the role of a hacker seeking for money and power.

There is no need to worry! This is a simulation game that takes place at a virtual world.

History has shown usthat maybe it really was meant to define the bad guys, however we do believe that hacker meansway morethan that.

The user can opt for a premium account to get rid of the ads and help us directly. This is not a pay to win game, though. Premium users have no tactical advantages over basic accounts.

Here comes alooong discussion. Many believe the wordhackershould designate the so-called white hat (talented programmer, or an ethical hacker). Others, assume it to mean criminals behind the screen.

for free and join thousands of other players trying to be the most powerful hacker of the game.

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By the way, no download is needed. You will play the whole time using your browser.

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No! The whole game is virtual, you will be hacking made up servers from others players. You also wont learn how to hack in real life. No technical knowledge is needed in order to play the game.

You dont actually kill anyone when playing Grand Theft Auto, right?

Will anything happen to my computer?

Oh yeah. You can play the whole game,with all features, for free.

Play online against other users from all the globe on an exciting battle to see who can conquer the Internet.

Regardless of definition, we want our users to enjoy the game, whether they call it Hacker or Cracker Experience. Thats it, name whatever you want.

Hacker Experience isNOTrelated to any real hacking activity. All in-game content is purely fictional and do not represent real user identification. IP addresses are randomly generated.

Hack, install viruses, research better software, complete missions, steal money from bank accounts and much more.

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