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Hacker rank Solution For Day 6 Lets Review

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Logic:-For this problem, we have to use a for loop, Lets take an example and with the help of example we will try to find out the solution suppose string is a Hacker. for this there are two steps we follow.

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after the first loop complete print space so we can print and separate the second loop.

Hacker rank Solution For Day 6: Lets Review

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Step 1:-Run the first loop up to the size of string and find the even character and print the even place character and print like below.

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Step 2:-Run the second loop up to the size of string and find the odd place character and print the odd place character and print like below.

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At the end print the new line for next input to the early and next input print in the new line.


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Explanation:-we first divide the string into even and odd number as we can see that in the string Hacker, H is in even place and a is in an odd place and so on. So our string is Hacker can be divided by even (H), odd (a), even (c), odd (k), even (e), odd (r).

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/* Enter your code here. Read input from STDIN. Print output to STDOUT */

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