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Hackerrank Interview Questions

The rules for movement are as follows :

We define a subarray of array to be a contiguous block of as elements having a length that is less than or equal to the length of array a. For example, the subarray of array a = [1,2,3] are [1], [2], [1,2], [2,3], and [1,2,3]. Now, lets say we have an integer, k = 3. The subarrays of a having elements that sum to a number =k are [1], [2], and [1,2]. The longest of these subarrays is [1,2], which had a length of 2.

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ccdaabcdbb – ccdacdbb – cabb – cb (length=2)

Complete the maxLength function in the editor. It has 2 parameters :

3. You can only visit or cross an element if its value is lesser than the value of element you start from.

Note : You have to print this output for each matrix element.

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Find total number of elements one can visit, If one starts from an element A(i,j) where i- row and j- column.

The first line contains a single ineteger n, denoting the number of elements in array a.

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2. Can only move within the row and column of element we start from intially.

1. Can only move Right or Down from any element

Each line i of the n subsequent lines (where 0 =i n) contains an integer describing elements i in array a.

Each line i of the n subsequent lines (where 0 = i = n) contains an integer describing elements i in array a.

You are given a string S and a set of n substrings. You are supposed to remove every instance of those n substrings from S so that S is of the minimum length and output this minimum length.

The function must return the length of the longest subarray elements that sum to a number less than or equal to k.

The last line contains an integer, k.

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Locked stub code in the editor reads the following input from stdin and passes it to the function:

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