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Has anyone ever taken the IBM Coding Challenge?

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just finished my OA. The questions are somewhat front-end dev based but more so data/algo questions. Its sort of a mixture of both. You should also be ready to talk about yourself in the video responses as well (your very standard behavioral interview questions). Also, you can code in either python, JS, or ruby but it really favors JS

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You donthave tofinish it in one stretch, although its better to be done with it. I took the test in splits. It was annoyingly long. The first 4-5 questions require video responses to behavioral questions and 2-3 are code.

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Yes you can, and this was for backend position, but I believe they let you choose what position youre most interested in

I just finished the challenge and it was a lot harder than I expected for a front end dev. I got FizzBuzz, object/array/string parsing, and tic tac toe as well as a few video questions like why are you a good fit for this team and such. They say it will take about 3 hours but it took me 4. Actually the last one was about my approach to the tic tac toe question. Good luck!

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3 coding questions. Cant discuss the specific contents because of NDA but be familiar with OOP

I just received a coding challenge for front end developer at IBM. Can anyone let me know what type of questions are asked and will it be like front end dev based questions or normal data/algo questions? and can we use any language to code? please help me on this

Does anyone know what happens after the OA? Is it a phone interview? Onsite interview? 😮

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Im not looking for an answer book. Im just asking to see what kind of questions they will be throwing at me so I know what to prepare for.

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Has anyone ever taken the IBM Coding Challenge?(self.cscareerquestions)

I got a coding challenge too for the front end developer position. Did any of you get front end dev related questions? And for algo coding questions, are we allowed to use any language? Did any of you hear back yet after the first test?

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Literally the worst interview experience Ive had. I was only given three business days to complete the challenge and two of those days I had other interviews so I didnt have as much time to prepare.

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I just recieved a coding challenge myself , its been 5 days already . Any pointers , tips , suggestions guys . It would really help Thanks everyone in advance

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I applied to an entry level front-end developer position for IBM yesterday, and received an email about the IBM Coding Challenge this morning.

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how many coding questions were there? I heard tic tac toe was there. will they ask to develop entire game?

Could you elaborate on what specific algorithms; binary trees, linked lists, etc? If you could remember.

Were you asked these questions for the Front end Developer position? Can we use python to answer the coding questions?

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Was it HireVue? Its Pretty much just standard technical data structures/algo questions like those talked about in CTCI. Only difference between it and HackerRank is that youre on camera the whole time. Smile!

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I did the same tic-tac toe problem. Was like, seriously IBM? I had a terrible experience interviewing with them for that position. Tried my very best and left comments on how I would solve that tic-tac-toe question. The time required for the test was 3+ hours which I find ridiculous.

Coding questions were creative and fun to solve but the program does not include a debugger so make sure you have compilers/text editors on hand if you need them. Skill level was aimed at intermediate level programmers. Make sure you know how to code fairly well in either JavaScript, Python, or Ruby for the Front End Dev interview.

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Fizz Buzz, String parsing, Substring

I have just received the coding challenge today, I havent opened it yet. Could you please share what kind of other questions that were there in the coding challenge? Pleaseeeee

Is this for an internship position, or no? I just applied on Thursday for an internship position and am currently awaiting to hear back, so just curious.

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Did you have to do a video respond? If so, what kind of questions did you get for the video respond?

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were you only allowed to code in Python, Ruby, or JS? I just received this OA and I wouldnt say I have strong skills in front end dev so Im a bit concerned with how I will do on this OA 🙁

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Video questions included: 1) Responsive web app design vs. mobile-only, 2) Why your background and experience make you a great fit at IBM, 3) What technologies you are currently learning.

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Hey can you keep me posted on how you do and what the process was like? I just got an email to take a coding challenge, but Im in midterm season so I will wait till this weekend when midterms are over. Mine is for an entry level DevOpps position.

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Same here, Im just taking the test at the moment, it is so frustrating and stupid I mean make a tic tac toe game, are you serious? for a front end dev? This is the worst interview experience Ive ever had.

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It is described to me as a screening test that may take up to 3 hours and will assess my coding skills and knowledge. They recommend that I complete the test in one sitting.

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