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HTML Basics

Hit Save & Submit Code, and youll see how the

Change the text online 2(the bit between

Every webpage you look at is written in a language called HTML. You can think of HTML as the skeleton that gives every webpage structure. In this course, well use HTML to add paragraphs, headings, images and links to a webpage.

If youre not sure what to change the text online 2to, why not changeFeel free to change this text.toIm about to learn HTML?

Dont change or remove thestrongbit or the/strongbit! Well explain what those do soon.

When we press Save & Submit Code, the results tab will act like an Internetbrowser(e.g.Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). A browsers job is to transform the code intest.htmlinto a recognizable webpage! It knows how to lay out the page by following the HTML syntax.

In the editor to the right, theres a tab calledtest.html. This is the file well type our HTML into. See the code with thes? Thats HTML! Like any language, it has its own specialsyntax(rules for communicating).

file would look in a browser. Did you see that? The

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