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HTML Cheat Sheet

List Item (within ordered or unordered)

A Simple Guide to HTML -Robert Duncan

Drop Down Combo-Box Name (for form processing script)

Horizontal margin spacing inside frame (pixels)

Create a link to another page or website

Define column sizes & number of columns (size in pixels or %)

Declare all frameset sizes as fixed

Mark selected field in radio button group or checkbox

Superscript – Smaller text placed below normal text

Tags marked with (*) should still work, but have been superseded byCascading Style Sheets (CSS), which is now the recommended way to change the font, colour, spacing, border or alignment of HTML elements.

span style=color:red

Section of text within other content

Define row sizes & number of rows (size in pixels or %)

This cheat sheet – or HTML code quick reference – lists the common HTML tags and their attributes, grouped into relevant sections in an easy-to-read format.

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Form Field Name (for form processing script)

Heading (h1 for largest to h6 for smallest)

Top Margin Size in Pixels (Internet Explorer)(*)

What ishtml? What aretags? – Perhaps check outwhere to startorwhat is htmlfirst 🙂

textarea … /textarea

ul li list /li /ul

Strong – Shown as Bold in most browsers

Can the user scroll inside the frame:

User cannot resize any frames in frameset

Space between cell wall and content

Force no line breaks in a particular cell

Side Margin Size in Pixels (Internet Explorer)(*)

Division or Section of Page Content


Space on either side of image (in pixels)(*)

ISO 8859-1 character – replace ?? with theiso code

blockquote … /blockquote

List Item Type (changes only current item)

Unframed content (for browsers not supporting frames)

Number of row a cell spans across (cell merge)

html head titlewebsite title/title /head body content of website … /body /html

noframes … /noframes

Option (item) within drop down list

Divide up page content into sections, and applying styles

Text Area Name (for form processing script)

Emphasis – Shown as Italics in most browsers

Number of columns (characters per rows)

Subscript – Smaller text placed below normal text

Number of columns the cell spans across (cell merge)

URL or filename of image (required!)

Vertical margin spacing inside frame (pixels)

Name of link (name of anchor, or name of bookmark)

Location (URL) of object or file being linked

Use CSS style to change text colour

Link which initiates an email (dependant on users email client).

Set option as default selected option

frameset … /frameset

List Item Value (changes current and subsequent items)

Heading (?= 1 for largest to 6 for smallest, eg h1)

Image alignment within surrounding text(*)

Background Properties – Fixed = non-scrolling watermark(*)

Space above and below image (in pixels)(*)

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