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The project was developed byMatthias Schuetzand is available onGitHub.

HTMLiveCodeis a real-time HTML/CSS/JavaScript code editor which is made for rapid prototyping.

Click on the gutter to fold a tag range in and out.

ONLY WORKS WHEN HTMLIVECODE IS USED LOCALLY: Use this path to point to local image files (works for srcattribute of images and CSS background-image urls). Dont use quotes here.

For example if you enter C:/Path/ and you set an srcattribute to button.png, HTMLiveCode will virtually change the srcattribute to file:///C:/Path/button.png.

There are other tools which are built on top of. Click the links below to switch to an other tool.

The editor makes use of HTML5s localStorage and has been optimized for modern browsers. Internet Explorer is supported from version 9 on.

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