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IBM Interview Questions

Input1: IBM cognitive computingIBM cognitive computing is a revolution ibm cognitive computingIBM Cognitive Computing is a revolution?

give any real example where we must use command line argrment (for ex- any system software,application software etc)

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Given a sorted integer array, write a method that builds a balanced binary search tree. What is the runtime complexity?

left node and right node is equal or less than 1. The above considition is applicable for subtree too..

(ii) A maximum of 3 passes allowed over the entire array. O(N) time expected.

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If tree do not have any child, its height will be zero.

When singleton wont work as singleton??

maximum amount of money which your friend will definitely win.

There will be at least one isManagerOf relationship.

In two threads one should print Hello: and another thread World.

the last code line causes error, queue is empty-

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There can be a maximum of 100 levels of manager relationships in the corporation

Print a singly linked list in ascending and descending order in O(n) time. Both order printing should take O(n) time only.

You need to return the array of string containing the position(s) of a block choosing which will give the

How can make Mutex global to All CPUs in your Board? Because spinlock is global to all CPUs in SMP system. Just make Mutex work like spinlock?

You will be given a single input representing the Grid Description (in the form of string array)

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This questing was something related to parse trees. I really dont remember the semantics but needed to extract the complete sentences from the provided parse tress.

Any other block of contiguous whitespace should be treated as a single space

R1,R2,R3,R4…Rn,Person1,Person2 R1…Rn – A comma separated list of isManagerOf relationships. Each relationship being represented by an arrow Manager-Person. Person1,Person2 – The name of the two employee that have conflict

The case of alphabetic characters should be ignored

he asked for algo only, so this worked fine.

2) what is the order of above program

What is a weakHashMap??weak References??

1) Write a iterative program to calculate factorial of N.

(iii) O(1) extra space permitted creating copy of array etc not allowed.

You are given an array of size N containing negative and positive real numbers. Zero may or may not be present in the array. The requirement is to rearrange the array using O(N) time and O(1) space so that all negative numbers come before all positive elements. Develop a program to read a real number array of size N from user, and then arrange it as explained above.

public static String[] amount_value(String[] input1)

sort three numbers without inserting them onto array(dont use stl container) ? What about 4 numbers?

For a given string sentence, reverse it.

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Your job is to return the block position(s) that will maximize the minimum amount your friend will win

public void Consume(queueint queue, ManualResetEvent mre)

Using two threads you should print Hello World Hello World Hello World Hello World Hello World Hello World .

Explanation: In the above example, if he selects the block (3,1), then under the best case, he could win is

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No cross management would exist i.e., a person can have only one manager

Output: A single line of filtered passages in the same -delimited format.

3) Write a recursive program to calculate factorial of N.

Note: If the output array contains multiple strings(blocks positions), all the positions must be in the

Following code is used by ONE producer and ONE consumer

come up with a solution, where u r given a single pointer in a single link list and u shoudl be able to return (+/-)nth node from it.

Given a non-directed, strongly connected graph where the node values are letters of the alphabet, write an algorithm that prints out all possible permutations of strings. What is this called?

Given a monotonically sorted 2D array, explain an algorithm to search for a given input element.

There can be a maximum of 15 team member to a single manager

neighborhood). The player is awarded the money that is placed on the block that the machine selects.

The name of the manager who can resolve the conflict Note: Please be prepared to provide a video follow-up response to describe your approach to this exercise.

they asked me to suggest a fix for that.

The manager who should resolve the conflict between Bob and Mary is Tom(Marys manager). The manager who should resolve the conflict between Pete and Katie is Sam(both employees manager). The manager who should resolve the conflict between Bob and Pete is Mary(Bobs manager and Petes managers manager).

We Have 5 balls And We have to find it out in 2 ways that which 1 is havier or lesser..

Output: James is a boy eating sausages

98 and under the worst case the maximum he could win is 54. In such scenario, the worst case of block

what is use of command line argument in software development.

there is a square grid and on each block some money is placed on it. When a player chooses a block, the

(i) The value of N has to be read from user, and the memory for array has to be allocated dynamically. The real numbers will be also read from user. The menu-driven program should also have an option to populate the array with random data, if the user wants to do so.

When comparing for containment, certain rules must be followed:

(N rows each containing N numbers separated by , each number representing the amount of money

Output1: IBM cognitive computing is a revolution

One class will print odd numbers and other class will print even numbers.

If tree do not have any child, its height will be zero.

public void Produce(queueint queue, ManualResetEvent mre)

Duplicates must also be filtered – if two passages are considered equal with respect to the comparison rules listed above, only the shortest should be retained. If they are also the same length, the earlier one in the input sequence should be kept. The retained passages should be output in their original form (identical to the input passage), and in the same order.


list * returnN (list *node, int n) if (n0) traverse and reverse list from node to nth node else traverse and negatereverse from node till nth node

Output2: IBM cognitive computing is a revolutionthe cognitive computing is a revolution

4) what is the order of above program

non-alphanumeric character should be ignored, white space should be retained

Write a program to find out if the binary tree is balance or not. The tree is balance if the difference between the

(iv) Program must work properly even if zero is NOT present in array.

Input: For each test case a single line comprising the passages (strings) to be processed, delimited by characters. The characters are not considered part of any passage.

row-wise traversal order. In Example 2, the output is 1 3,14,23,24. If your function is returning an

Write a program to find out the height of the tree. Tree can have two node (one is left and right node).

for sure. If there are more than one such block positions, then output must return all these positions.

array that has same elements (blocks position) but in the different order, then the output array will be

You will be given a sequence of passages, and must filter out any passage whose text (sequence of whitespace-delimited words) is wholly contained as a sub-passage of one or more of the other passages.


You and your friend go to a game arcade where you choose to play the lucky pick game. In the game,

Find whether there is a loop in a given liked list or no?

Solved it using two pointer. He wanted me to prov using mathematics, which I dont know :(.

Leading and trailing whitespace should be ignored

Input: A full sentence: (S (NP (NNP James)) (VP (VBZ is) (NP (NP (DT a) (NN boy)) (VP (VBG eating) (NP (NNS sausages))))))

(3,1) gives your friend more money than the worst case of other blocks.

Develop a service to help a client quickly find a manager who can resolve the conflict between two employees. When there is a conflict between two employees, the closest common manager should help resolve the conflict. The developers plan to test the service by providing an example reporting hierarchy to enable the identification of the closest common manager for two employees. Your goal is to develop an algorithm for IBM to efficiently perform this task. To keep things simple, they just use a single relationship isManagerOf between any two employees. For example, consider a reporting structure represented as a set of triples:

What design pattern you will use in this scenario :

Design an algorithm to find all the common elements in two sorted lists of numbers. For example, for the lists 2, 5, 5, 5 and 2, 2, 3, 5, 5, 7, the output should be 2, 5, 5.

A monotonically sorted array is one in which each row and column has elements in ascending order.

Your friend needs help choosing the block.

machine randomly chooses a block from the available neighboring and the chosen block (consider 8

E.g. [ 1 2 10; 4 6 11; 5 7 12;] and [1 2 5; 4 6 7; 10 12 13] are both monotonically sorted.

Input2: IBM cognitive computingIBM cognitive computing is a revolutionthe cognitive computing is a revolution

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