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No. Our hacks are virtual and take place on a social coding environment.

The following categories describe the awards structure to recognize YOUR winning spirit:

We are about community-think. Thus, we encourage you to engage with others on the discussion forum. If you make truly valuable contributions, we will recognize this. In each hacking group, the hacker who makes the most valuable contributions to the discussion is eligible for this award (number of posts, number of people that found the comment useful, and expert judgment). The prize is $25 USD (it will be rewarded as Amazon Gift Card). This award can be earned in addition to the Top 3 and winning spirit award.

To make it a fair competition and ensure high quality apps, we clearly define functional and technical requirements: e.g. minimum functionalities needed, eligible languages and datasets. Further, we also give you a list of libraries that help you to master the task.

Follower group with moderate winning spirit: If you are in the better than the worst 25 % (Between 25 percentile and 50 percentile), you receive $25 USD

Purdue IronHacks has allowed people with no prior programming experience to succeed in the hack, and learn a great deal about how to turn open data into useful apps. So, it is for everybody with a willingness to come up with something cool.

IronHacks Spring 2018 (For CUPL Students)

Gain fame:Improve your score along the way, build your reputation among other hackers, create a link with IronHacks sponsors, win cool prizes ($$$), and receive a certificate confirming your successful completion in the competition.

Internship/Visiting Student Opportunities at Purdue: Excellent participants will be interviewed by Purdue for visiting positions sponsored by Purdue

Outperform and learn from others:IronHacks is a competition, however, there is more o be gained: you receive expert feedback and learn from others work.

In IronHacks, we give you access to a great social coding experience. All the activites happen online. Use our tools and environments and do not cheat.

Yes, you must submit at least one application for each of the 5 hacking phases, otherwise you will not be eligible for the award. You will also have to fill in a survey prior to the start, and another after the hack (they are short). This project is sponsored by NSF.

Still have some questions or doubts? Here you will find some answers.

IronHacks are for students enrolled in Purdue classes and our partner universities.

Laggards with no winning spirit: If you are in the lowest quartile (0 to lower 25 percentile), there will be no financial reward.

IronHacks Spring 2018 (For UNAL Students)

In addition to the awards, every student is granted to a certificate of participation.

During the hack, you have support from the community. The IronHacks forum provides immediate access to questions regarding rules and technologies to be used. Our experts will respond to questions within a few hours.

Internship opportunity at sponsoring partners: The Recipient of the Best Solution Award is also eligible to be interviewed by our sponsoring organizations (e.g. Socrata, Red Hat, Amazon, TechNexus)

Students who complete the competition in due course will be offered credits (30 % of the class)

There are many ways to get involved: As hack participants, as industry sponsor, or as researcher. To learn more about upcoming hacks, please send an email to .

In IronHacks, you learn new skills, win prizes ($$$), get exposed to tech organizations, and win internships. Most importantly, you become part of a global movement of open data to make an impact in areas such as safety, health, or travel.

If you do not make it to the top 3, do not worry. There is a winning spirit award. Depending on your relative standing in the hacking group, we offer additional financial incentives.

IronHacks are open to everybody, everywhere. You can only sign up for one hack at a time. Before entering the competition, you must complete a brief survey. There will be a 3-week boot-camp training where you can get familiar with key technologies prior to the competition. So, start early!

IronHacks is a unique one month, 5-stage innovative hacking program for individuals who want to create impact from open data. During the iterative hacking process, you will learn new skills, have the chance to learn from others, and receive feedback from IronHacks experts! Turn your ideas into web apps that make data actionable and useful!

Innovate with open data:Create novel and useful data-driven web apps; analyze data and display them in an interactivemashupthat combines several open data sets into interactive visualizations.

Hack and learn virtually:During the competition, you will use a unique social coding environment with direct access to tutorials, libraries, datasets, your dashboard with information about our progress, and a discussion forum. No physical presence is needed. Prior to the hack, we offer online tutorials and videos on technologies needed in the hack (e.g. how to access an API, how use bootstrap CSS, jquery, and D3.js).

You can connect with us via phone, email, or just come to theResearch Center for Open Digital Innovation, West-Lafayette, IN.

Follower group with high winning spirit: If you are among the top 50 % but not the top 25 % (Between 50 percentile and 75 percentile) you receive $35 USD

IronHacks Spring 2018 (For UNAL Students)

Our experts judge your application in technical, functional, and user-centered categories: technology, functional requirements, usability, and information visualization. Stand out from the crowd.

We will publish the final rankings on our platform at the end of the competition. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your performance and use it in future interviews.

Our IronHacks follow a unique 5-stage process. In order to win a prize and qualify for a certificate, there are few rules and guidelines to keep in mind! We are all about openness and community-think! Be part of it.

IronHacks Spring 2018 (For CUPL Students)

Sign up now for your chance to win great gift cards, cool swag, and internships with major sponsors.

Your first of submission does not have to be final. A rough working prototype is enough to start off, and improving. We will help with a pre-defined file structure to get started.

To qualify for the award, you need to be the originator & submitter of your app. Even though we allow you to reuse existing libraries (eligible), your code should be written by yourself. Further, we follow the idea of openness and open source. We encourage re-use and your final solution will be made available using an open source library.

Leading group with highest winning spirit: If you are among 25 % (Between 75 percentile and 100 percentile), you receive $40 USD

We award the top 3 apps based on the weighted average rank (percentile ranking) achieved in each hacking phase (the last phase counts 60% so give it all in the end).

Check out what prior participants experienced.

Our IronHacks follows a unique 5-stage process. In order to win a prize, there are a few rules to keep in mind. The most important thing: you need to submit in each round in order to be eligible for the award.

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