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Katathon (Coding Challenge Hackathon

In short: join us to work on your coding projects in this casual and supportive group code study session! We have optional featured challenges each week (see below), but coders of all languages, projects, and experience levels are welcome.More in detail: we are a group of people from all walks of life who are passionate about coding and gather every week to keep learning, ideally through the free resources available on (Some of us will be working on some more advanced content but everyone is welcome, even the absolute beginner. Whatever your level, this is a great place to focus on your coding work and ask-and-answer burning programming questions.For those of you seeking a challenge, we invite you to join us in tackling some of the many challenges on Codewars ( which will work well as continued practice & learning for those whove finished some Codecademy courses.• In case you didnt already, start with Codecademy courses ( (we would suggest JavaScript ( Python ( or Ruby ( this groups organizers started there too! Feel free to ask us for advice on what learning path best suits your goals.)• When youve finished enough Codecademy content to be comfortable with coding your way out of a problem, we invite you to jump on the Codewars platform ( (register from the link above if you havent yet – if you have any difficulties doing so, just contact us!) to train together with several of us who are a bit more experienced• you will be given a list of problems with a related score attached to each one of them• problems will vary A LOT in difficulty, having room for beginners who have only recently started Codecademy, as well as more advanced coders• all katas (challenges) will be available in JavaScript, while Ruby, Python and other languages are typically available for almost all of them• your goal is to score as much as possible within the day• fair-play is important, so, if you have already done some kata, just say so to get a replacement one of about the same difficulty• Googling, pair-programming and anything else is ok – the main goal remains to learn and hone your own skills, keep that in mind!• more tips from me about how to be better at tackling katas here (• Were all here to learn together fear not about asking questions on syntax, basic JS or moreIf you have other work you want to focus on, feel free to bring it but note that other attendees may not be able to help you as much on anything outside of Codecademy content and our featured work of the week (this weeks Codewars katas)Please note: we dont have an arrangement or booking with citizenM and they appreciate us making purchases from their cafe/bar. By purchasing the occasional boost for your coding activities it will mean we can continue using this great space.

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