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Kids coding languages Why is today

The Independentreports that Google Doodles are often challenging, fun and help illuminate the ideas and people that have changed the world. But todays homepage celebrates something even more fundamental than normal.

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It is just one of the various projects by Google and its competitors like Apple that is intended to allow children to code. And its something the companies say is necessary not only for their own work but for the future of the world.

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The game celebrates the beginning of Googles Computer Science Education Week. Thats just one of the projects run by the technology industry, which also include the Hour of Code.

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And it does so by guiding children through the process of learning to code, which it hopes will just be the beginning of that work. Kids play the game and gradually put together the kind of thinking and understanding that is needed to build the tech products of the future.

The Doodle centres on coding helping children to learn the languages that power the site and its homepage itself. And it even lets people do some of that themselves, helping teach some coding basics.

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Many tech companies argue that learning to code will be profoundly important in years to come, since so much work is going to involve computers and automation. Learning it also fosters other skills, the companies argue since it gives people transferrable tools like logical thinking.

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With todays Doodle  the first coding Doodle ever  we celebrate fifty years of coding languages for kids by Coding for Carrots. In the interactive Doodle, you program and help a furry friend across 6 levels in a quest to gather its favorite food by snapping together coding blocks based on theScratch programming language for kids, Champika Fernando, who worked on the project to build Scratch at MIT said.

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