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Just do it. Whatever your background, age, gender… and whatever you plan to do with your newly-gained tech skills (and the never give up mindset!) afterwards, it will be worth it. The bootcamp is INTENSE, so make sure you dont have any job or other studies besides it!

Columbia Engineering Coding Boot Camp

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

Before Le Wagon I worked as a project and event manager. During my career, I became frustrated with all the manual processes of the work and the time they took. These sort of processes leave event managers stressed along with a great deal of additional work. I constantly looked for ways to resolve this problem for my offices but soon realised it was possible, through technology, to change the whole industry. This is when I seriously started looking to become a dev.

USC Viterbi Data Analytics Boot Camp

Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School

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Le Wagon allowed me to learn how to make a website without having to re-enter the studying system for several years. I learnt HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ruby, Ruby and Rails, SQL etc. But the bootcamp is not just about learning several languages, its about building tech products. Le Wagon also gave me the method to learn other programming languages by myself and the best practices to build up a web application.

University of Miami Coding Boot Camp

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Metis accelerates the careers of data scientists by providing full-time immersive bootcamps,…

Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Le Wagon was a fantastic experience which taught me incredible skills for the future.

Columbia University in the City of New York

More than coding courses I really really loved that experience and it gave me the opportunity to find…

CSS, Data Structures, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, PostgreSQL, Ruby on Rails, SQL, UX

University of Maryland-College Park

Overall you will get your mind blown way on how you can create something out of nothing. The co-founders Sylvain & Paul are the best. They will be checking in on you pr…

The teaching methods at Le Wagon are truly unique and adaptive to make sure that you progress with all students. The teacher are of great quality and really follow you. Thanks to Le Wagon, I developed great coding skills in both back-end and front-end development, and I also had the chance to meet two amazing co-founders which whom I am embarking on a new adventure. I strongly recommend this boot-camp for anyone who wants to learn coding, meet tech-interested d…

Not only have I learnt to understand and interact with them, I am now even able to code the first version of a product.

Turing School of Software and Design

Colorado State University-Fort Collins

California State University-Fullerton

You should know 4 things about the bootcamp:

The course is tough and can be slightly overwhelming at the beginning as you learn a lot of new information very quickly. The teachers keep repeating that it will eventually click and thankfully, i…

Joining Le Wagon was one of the major turning points in my life. A year before Le Wagon, I was a fresh undergraduate with an engineering major that I assumed would be hot and lucrative (read: popular). Fast- forward a year and I found myself winding up in Shanghai with no real employment experiences in the past year, forced to reconsider my future. What prompted me to take a leap of faith and join Le Wagon was the urge to do something different. A year of countless job applications and rejections persuaded me to make that switch into coding, and I havent regretted it since.

The Recurse Center, aka Hacker School

I graduated in Digital Marketing and Project Management in April 2017 and started working in an IT startup in Paris as a Growth Hacker. It was an exciting experience where I had the ability to overcome constant new challenges but I felt I was still lacking something – I just didnt know what.

California State University-Long Beach

Not sure where to start? Tell us about yourself and well help.

In the end, I did not feel like I was where I needed to be and I actually ended up doing a second bootcamp which was a night and day difference, and landed a job a week after graduating. I do want to give a disclaimer and say that Le Wagon is not a bad bootcamp, and…

Moving from Paris to Tokyo for this bootcamp and the beginning of a new career, Le Wagon went beyond my expectations, with an extremely complete program and setup, an impressive platform including efficient, motivational and entertaining challenges and tools, highly skilled and experienced teachers, a very active community of more than 2K people sharing valuable information including diverse events and job opportunities. I truly loved the experience, feeling I learned, improved and completed something new each day. Ive really spent unforgettable 9-week with a lovely staff and classmates, and now Im confident and cant wait to become a skillful developer. Arigato Le Wagon!

California State University-East Bay

The team in London is fantastic; all of the teachers are super enthusiastic and encouraging, very knowledgeable and willing to help. However, they wont spoon feed you answers, instead, they will ask you questions and help you break down the issue into small parts so that you can reach the solution by yourself. The team manage to create a great balance of hard work (I was knackered by the end of every week) whilst maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere (I always looked forward to going back in on Monday).

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I knew that the course was going to be hard, I didnt doubt that at all, but I may even have underestimated a bit. Being bombarded with new inf…

I am 22 years old and I am still not graduated from my business school. Wishing to evolve in a web environment, I decided to join the Wagon as early as possible because I was particularly frustrated not having any technical skills ?

After college, I was very happy with how practical the course is. There is a lot to do everyday, but there is always something new, interesting and exciting. When I did fall behind, all the resources were very accessible and helped me catch up. These resources are also great to have after the completion of the bootcamp, and I check them a lot …

When I joined Le Wagon, I was 21 years old and still a business school student (EDHEC). I hadnt had any knowledge in web development before. However I deeply wanted to learn how to code and get an understanding of tech in general. Then I did Le Wagon during my summer vacation.

I was part of Le Wagon batch 101 in Paris in October 2017. This has been super profitable and definitely worth the money and time investment. I am super grateful to the whole Wagon team for building this program, and I have already convinced lots of friends to follow me.

It can be overwhelming looking for bootcamps as there are so many, I chose Le Wagon as it had the best reviews. For me, the most important thing was that I secured a job after the course, as I quit my job to make the change of career. At first I wasnt sure that I made the right decision but as soon as my first day was o…

University of Arizona Coding Boot Camp

University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp

Case Western Reserve University Boot Camps

Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

I advise anyone who really would like to understant coding and web development to choose le Wagon!

Now, six months after camp and six months into freelancing as a web designer & developer, its hard to believe that this time last year I didnt know how to write even one line of code. So how did I get to where I am now? I know it might sound overdramatic, but I feel like there was my life before Le Wagon, and my life after Le Wagon, and both feel worlds apart.

For the past ten years, I have tried to make a career out of teaching and translation. After a decade, I realised that this isnt my passion. Ive always really enjoyed anything computer related and Im very interested in IT. I seemed to pick things up pretty fast in the past, but I think the fact that some people have been coding since they were 13, and I have not, always kept me from trying. The fact that it is a very male dominated industry also didnt help! When I finally decided to take the plunge and try, I researched which coding bootcamp in London was the best. Le Wagon kept coming out on top.

After completing a Masters degree in Visual and Digital media, where I I learnt the basics of graphic design, photography and video production, I had the opportunity to work for a major media company in Gabon as a communication officer. I very much enjoyed my experience, and I mainly created content for social media and print advertising. I worked with Photoshop, inDesign and Premier. I realized that what I really liked, even more than the final result, was the process of using those tools. I liked the technical aspect of creating visual content. So, I decided to go all in and learn how to code!

LWT guides are not generic like most online courses, they go in-depth in terminology, theory, and the best part is their support system. From day one you can tell you are not alone in this, you have someone there that can answer those why, how, what, and huh questions. I had many of those ha ha.

Medical University of South Carolina

Whether youre a true adventurer or simply looking for a second chance to study abroad, there is nothing like immersing yourself…

Sacred Heart University Coding Bootcamp

Marylhurst University Coding Bootcamp

Its also a great tech community for life, with more than 3000+ talented alumni within 28+ cities worldwide that keep sharing tips, resources, job & freelance opportunities and learning together after the 2-month bootcamp.

University of Washington Coding Boot Camp

Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

Struggling to learn web development by myself and looking forward to brush up my skills more efficiently, I came across Le Wagon coding boot-camp and it was for me the best decision that I have taken lately . With a very complete program and setup, a professional platform including efficient well organised order to study different needed tools for a web developer , highly skilled and experienced teachers, also I got the chance to have such wonderful classmates and a best teacher assistant !(who become a real friend: Douglas).

I attended the Wagon course in March 2018 in Paris.

Central Connecticut State University

Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Le Wagon was a bootstrapping learning experience. It was a great opportunity for me to learn web development, discover Paris startup ecosystem, and have great time with buddies.

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Wichita State University Coding Bootcamp

York College, CUNY Continuing and Professional Education Center

University of the District of Columbia

My experience with Le Wagon Batch 144 in Montreal has been amazing. The curriculum and staff had made it possible for me to learn web development in the simplest and most effective way. It provides the students with the skills that it needs in the tech industry, which does not only include a strong understanding of back end and front end development but also a strong group work ethic. Moreover, Le Wagon has such a big community of likeminded people that it continues to benefit those who have graduated from it. The ability to connect with over 3000 alumni worldwide through slack benefits you as many alumnis are willing to lend a hand and help you in things such as tech advice or jobs. The 9 week program instills in you the tools you need to start a career in the tech industry and the ne…

ParisSydneyMelbourneCasablancaBuenos AiresBrusselsMilanChengduMexico CityAmsterdamSão PauloBarcelonaBordeauxCopenhagenLilleLisbonLondonBaliNantesRio de JaneiroMarseilleMontrealShanghaiBelo HorizonteBerlinTokyoLyonTel Aviv

City Colleges of Chicago Coding Bootcamp

It pains me to admit that this program did not get me where I needed to be. After several months of self-studying on Codecademy, I wanted to switch careers and become a software engineer in the US (my country of residence), so I attended Le Wagon for several reasons: A) it is cheaper than most US bootcamps, B) it teaches Rails and JavaScript, C) I saw amazing reviews, and D) it would allow me to travel to another city and be part of a culturally rich experience where I am surrounded with students from all over the world.

During that time, I kept hearing about Le Wagon and their impressive learning system to teach coding in only 2 months. As I wanted to evolve and improve my technical profile, after reading the positive reviews of the bootcamp, I was easily convinced to leave Paris after just 6 months of work to join the first batch of Le Wagon in Bali in January 2018.

Le Wagon was an amazing learning experience! I cant imagine how much I learned in only 9 weeks. I am now able to code a web app, but I also have the tools and basic knowledge to go deeper a…

Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Sydney, Barcelona, Paris, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Lille, Bordeaux, London, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Nantes, Casablanca, Mexico City, Marseille, Berlin, Brussels, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro , Shanghai, Chengdu, Tokyo, Bali, Milan, Buenos Aires

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I am passionate about beautiful web products and fluid UX and I wanted to join a B2B Saas start up as a full-stack developer intern.

Today, it gave me a great confidence in launching things even if I wasnt a coding rockstar. In september, I want to work on UX design in startups. And then, in a few years, I might switch to Product Management. But for now, Ill keep summertime to code my side projects as well as to start some freelance work on the Fr…

Feeling the need to widen your horizon in both your professional and personal lives? Why not learn to code overseas? As hard a challenge as it may seem, it is actually one of the most efficient ways to get the maximum benefits of a coding bootcamp. Le Wagon offers their two cents on the benefits from learning to code abroad.

UC Davis Extension Coding Boot Camp

North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Seattle U Web Development Certificate

The Institute for Statistics Education

After graduating from university in my hometown, Montreal, Canada, I moved to Beijing, and then subsequently to Shanghai in 2015 when I started working as a buying assistant for a luxury fashion multibrand. After about a year and a half, I started itching for something with a little more responsibility and creative freedom, so when the opportunity to join a founding team on a fashion startup arose, I jum…

But above that, what makes the greatest strength of the wagon is the community, I met within my batch very inspir…

I was in batch 143 of Le Wagon in London.

Epicodus is an in-person coding bootcamp offering 27-week courses, with the first 5 weeks offered…

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Everyone who has gone through the program (or has a friend whos gone through it) knows how utterly bizarre those 9 weeks felt. Its a gruesome mixture of pain, frustration, and pleasure, but oddly enough, it …

Washington University Data Analytics Boot Camp

University of Cincinnati-Main Campus

The University of Texas at San Antonio

Tecnolgico de Monterrey Boot Camps

First, the amount of new knowledge you have to acquire can look scary at first sight, but the learn…

The Coding Boot Camp at UNC-Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

The Coding Boot Camp at UCR Extension

Have you ever wondered what Airbnb, Twitter, GitHub and Square (a.o.) have in common, besides being unicorns? Well, they were all built using Ruby on Rails (RoR). Indeed, startups & tech companies …

The main thing I would like to highlight is the efficiency of their learning method. In only 2 months, we are able to learn a whole new set of skills, which make us very autonomous when working on personal projects. I honestly didnt expect we could go this far in 2 months: getting the same results on my own would have probably required more than a year and a huge amount of motivation. I joined Le Wagon as I was planning to launch a startup: what I learned at Le Wagon is enough to build a first version of my product an…

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University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Full-Stack Web DevelopmentCoding Bootcamps

I had zero coding background and learned sooo much in such a short time. The curriculum was great – suits all backgrounds and difference pace, the teachers were very helpful and my classmates were extremely motivated. You also get access to the platform for life, so can always come back to refresh your knowledge. The community is really big and helps each other out with tech questions, job opportunities, etc.

University of Utah Coding Boot Camp

Springboard offers online, flexible, mentor-led courses including the Data Science Career and UX…

I have been in the customer service and logistics industry for the past 10 years but always had an eagerness to learn to code. But trying to teach myself ended up in frustration with more questions than answers. Then, one day I came across a two-month program with Le Wagon Tokyo (LWT) and I ended up joining their batch 147.

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This is why I joined Workelo, and as soon as I arrived I find out myself to be operational really soon ! Since then I have been learning every day really easily thanks to the robust pedagody and mindset provided by the wagon. ?‍?

Le Wagon is a very product-driven bootcamp teaching Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, HTML & CSS, APIs, Github, Heroku (among other things). The program brings coding skills to creative entrepreneurs to make them able to build their own application, find a job in the tech industry (as junior developer or product manager) and collaborate efficiently with their future dev team.

After graduating in Design and feeling stagnated in my Career, I discovered Le Wagon and really liked what I saw. At first I was very scared at the idea of a 9 week bootcamp, not only for being very intense, but also for it seeming a little too good to be true. I looked into it for a while, went to a couple of workshops, and finally decided to sign up and to finally take the challenge of learning code, and I can safely say that it was worth it.

I registered for the class as an entrepreneur looking to get a better understanding of coding to interact with developers.

How students from around the world found success after Le Wagon

And once an alumni you have access to very huge community and forever support from teachers and assistance to get job or to start your own startup.

I joined le Wagon Paris after a master degree in innovation management in Grenoble, in the French Alps. There, I launched a fablab for a company. This experience leads me to learn hardware prototyping. Then, I just wanted to learn software development to get a great toolbox for building stuff.

Start the Conversation – Contact Le Wagon

University of South Florida-Main Campus

Here at Le Wagon, were thrilled that our international program is now rated as one of the best bootcamps in the world on SwitchUp. This great news couldnt have come to fruition without the true heroes of Le Wagon: our amazing alumni. Today, weve decided to introduce four of them and tell their stories – from the moment they chose to attend a coding bootcamp to the successful entrepreneurial and development careers that they enjoy today.

I have just completed the Le Wagon bootcamp in London and had an amazing time!

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