Learning Paths

Coding Challenge

Discover how .NET can help you build scalable, easy-to-maintain web applications.

Build a solid foundation in Git, then pair it with advanced version control skills. Learn how to collaborate on projects effectively with GitHub.

Stir up your knowledge of functional programming and learn how to write highly performant applications with Elixir.

Learn off the beaten Path and explore how these courses can enhance your overall development strategy.

Take control of your applications data layer by learning SQL, and take NoSQL for a spin if youre feeling non-relational.

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Dig into one of the most prevalent programming languages and learn how PHP can help you develop various applications for the web.

Try building iOS applications for iPhone and iPad mobile devices. Learn the basics of iOS development and bring your app ideas to life.

Spend some time with this powerful scripting language and learn to build lightweight applications with enhanced user interfaces.

Explore what it means to store and manipulate data, make decisions with your program, and leverage the power of Python.

Code Schoolteaches web technologies in the comfort of your browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts. We strive to help you learn by doing.

Learn the fundamentals of design, front-end development, and crafting user experiences that are easy on the eyes.

Explore theBeginners Guide to Web Developmentto learn the fundamentals of programming and decide where you want to start.

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Mobilize your knowledge and take your apps with you by learning the basics of Android development and Java.

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Master your Ruby skills and increase your Rails street cred by learning to build dynamic, sustainable applications for the web.

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