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For example, in WorldCraft 3D : Build & Craft players can develop their creativity on the servers in Multiplayer, and this is cool. Also they can unite with friends and family, or even random strangers and create something really cool together. Isnt this valuable nowadays?

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Does your child loveMinecraft? He is certainly not an outlier.Minecraftis so popular that it has infiltrated school curriculums, whole YouTube channels are devoted to it,and even celebrities describe how much their children are into it. If your child seems to loveMinecrafta little too much, hes still not alone, but you are justified in wondering if it is good for him.

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I am not sure that something like this is currently available in the games. But the idea is great, and i think games that help childrens and adults to develop something good have the real value.

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One of my favorite stories from my sons Ethan childhood came from one of his preschool classmates at the Child Development Center (CDC) at the University of Rhode Island.  The []

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Mastering new games and practicing new skills is not only helpful, its necessary. One of the best strategies making sure this happens is to introduce your child to other games that have similar features toMinecraftso that he is quickly engaged. Here are some of the games we recommend for kids who loveMinecraft.

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Middle and high school is way tougher than elementary school. Instead of having your teachers or parents help you with getting organized for school, you need to do it on []

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has been a favorite since it hit the Playstation console in 2009. The puzzle platformer bears little resemblance toMinecraft, with high-definition graphics, realistic physics, and a fun story with clear missions and goals. Behind the main storyline, however, is the incredibly involved option to build entire levels that can be enjoyed, not only by the player who built them, but by anyone they are made available to.

There are many strategies that can be used to improve executive functions in the classroom. While our focus at LearningWorks for Kids is primarily around using digital technologies, many other []

Minecraftmay be one of the best games ever made for developing creativity and executive functioning, problem-solving, and computer coding skills, but your childcanget too much of a good thing. By limiting himself toMinecraft, he is not just missing out on all types of other social, physical, unstructured, and creative play, but also on many other games that will challenge different parts of his brain.

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is another game with an engaging storyline and out-of-the-box twist. Rather than exist as a sandbox game in the traditional sense,Scribblenautsplaces players in situations with real goals and allows them to literally write-in their solution to whatever obstacle is in their path. Need to cut down a tree? Type in your tool of choice. Need to find ways to make a party fun? Enter your guests, food, and entertainment and see what happens.

Read more aboutwhats so great about sandbox games, whydanger and video games are great for kids with ADHD, and howgames likeMinecraftcan help kids with autism. You might also be interested to learn aboutwhy kids love to play video games.

is a lot likeMinecraft, in that players are given free rein over an in-game world with no rules and no goals. This touchscreen game is like a limitless set of LEGOS on your iPad, and unlikeMinecrafteach new world is completely randomized. Build your own or visit someone elses creation. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

We are interested in developing a game that teaches kids human rights (from the Convention on the Rights of the Child) and that encourages them to use their rights and seek them for others. Any ideas? Doesnt anything remotely like this already exist?

is another touchscreenMinecraft-y game for iPhone and iPad. Also playable on Mac desktops,The Blockheadsoffers friends and family the opportunity to build together. LikeEdenWorld Builder,The Blockheadsstarting gameworld is randomized.

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, a game for Android and iOS devices where players create worlds from the bottom up. Players are given simple but specific tasks and allowed a plethora of materials with which to complete them. From boiling water to making a volcano erupt, players will have to think creatively and strategize to the rare game that almost encourages mistakes, and these snafus can easily be erased.

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