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The Best VPS 2023

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Live Coding Working with HTML CSS and jQuery

Live Coding: Working with HTML, CSS and jQuery

Looking for more projects? You can get access to Threadly and other projects and review materials with Codecademy Pro!

We recommend experiencing the live coding session on Youtube so you can ask questions and comment

Well show you how to combine HTML to structure the page, CSS to style it, and JavaScript for interactivity. Well do the project locally, not within Codecademys environment, so youll get insight into how to build a website all on your own.

Know some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Want insight into how these work together to build interactive sites?

Presented by Dan Ordille, Codecademy Engineer

Join us for a 30-minute live coding session. Well build an interactive site from scratch, based on the Threadly Project.

Ready to join? Download a text editor likeSublime textto follow along If you want to be part of the discussion, watch onyoutube(and enroll in an account in advance).

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