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Data Science 101, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Scala, Spark, Python, Statistics, Business Skills

University of Cincinnati-Main Campus

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Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture

Hi, Im looking for a boot camp based in London that specialises in Javascript. I havent been able to find one. Ideally, Im looking for an offline course where I can meet teachers and fellow students. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

Founders and Coders offers a 16-week immersive, full-time coding bootcamp. The program is task-based and peer-led, enabling students to take turns delivering workshops, running code reviews and managing projects centered on JavaScript stack (JavaScript and Node.js) with relational databases, as well as UX design. (ViewIn-Depth Report)

Makers Academy launches coding careers in 12 short weeks via its immersive software developer programs. It utilizes a holistic approach to teaching that includes community, health, and self-direction. Each student is guaranteed a job offer upon graduation. Makers Academy also offers paid, year-long apprenticeships. (ViewIn-Depth Report)

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I attended the first Constructor Labs cohort and my overall experience was extremely positive. The program itself is quite intense, but the outcomes are truly amazing. Syllabus created by Dmitri was designed to expose students to most of the popular javascript frameworks and skill sets that prepare us well to meet the demand of the current techs job market. Dmitri and his teaching stuff are …

Colorado State University-Fort Collins

Columbia Engineering Coding Boot Camp

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General Assembly allows students to take either full- or part-time courses in various tech disciplines. There are also self-paced courses for students who have a busier schedule. They have a number of financial assistance options available. For many of the programs, students will be given a career coach and the opportunity to attend various networking events. (ViewIn-Depth Report)

The term bridging the gap between X and Y is certainly an overused one but the ASI fellowship did exactly this for me. Coming out of a PhD in statistical physics, I was constantly being told I would have no problem finding a great job but I found that the interview process, especially within the relatively new field that is data science, was in no way gauging the skills I had developed in …

With an all round marketing background, i never imagined being drawn to the tech world. I attended this program on maternity leave and in just 10 weeks, I learned the basics of coding which was a start to a future in coding and wanting to learn more. I joined the January cohort at M&S Digital which had first hand developers who helped through out as well as the likes of UX designers who gave …

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Columbia University in the City of New York

Product Management, Coding for Managers (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), Data Analytics for Managers (SQL and Machine Learning), Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies (Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin), Digital Marketing for Managers

University of Washington Coding Boot Camp

CSS, HTML, Javascript, ReactJS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Python

Case Western Reserve University Boot Camps

Few things : 1. Structure of curriculum: Curriculum is structured in most efficient way. It is tailored to gain real hands on experience of product management. From the start of the course each student selects a company to work on and then by the end of the course recommends a feature in the companys product( app,website) . Hence the probability of getting the interview increases since …

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Sacred Heart University Coding Bootcamp

Dallas, Providence, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, NYC, Washington DC, Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta…View All 20 Locations

Le Wagon is an intensive, full-time international bootcamp geared toward entrepreneurs who want to gain coding skills. Participants complete 450 hours of coding in just 9 weeks, which includes building their own web application. After completing the program, students join an international alumni network of 3,150+ for career support and community. (ViewIn-Depth Report)

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Wichita State University Coding Bootcamp

I decided to do General Assembly after several failed attempts to teach myself programming. I tried reading booksthey were usually out of date by the time I was trying to program against them and resulted in a lot of unnecessary and confusing bugs. I tried signing up for free MOOCs and even paid online coursesI always ended up dropping them after the first evening because I got busy with …

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

User Experience Design Remote, Data Science…View All 17 Courses

University of Miami Coding Boot Camp

Seattle U Web Development Certificate

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University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Microsoft Research Data Science Summer School

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California State University-East Bay

Data for Managers, Digital Marketing for Managers…View All 6 Courses

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Marylhurst University Coding Bootcamp

Before I attended the Cambridge Spark Applied Data Science bootcamp, I was working as a Data Analyst who was stuck in Excel, the only exciting part of the job was using Tableau. I decided to rebel against Excel by learning python and made a decision that I want to use this tool full-time. Upon much research I found the most suitable job for me was that of a Data Scientist, because of the mix …

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The University of Texas at San Antonio

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Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

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Digital Marketing, UX Design, UI Design, Web Development, App Development, and Full Stack Developer

University of the District of Columbia

NYC, Houston, Online, Washington DC, London, Seattle, Atlanta

Paris, Sydney, Melbourne, Casablanca, Buenos Aires, Brussels, Milan, Chengdu, Mexico City, Amsterdam…View All 29 Locations

The Institute for Statistics Education

Java, PHP, Javascript, Python, Obective-C, Ruby, Perl, C, C++, C, SQL, Perl, HTML, CSS

Tech professionals in London enjoy a wealth…

GLOBAL ACCELERATOR PROGRAM: Coding & Design Summer 2017

Missouri University of Science and Technology

The Recurse Center, aka Hacker School

UW Professional Continuing Education

Science to Data Science provides both virtual and in-person data science courses. To be eligible for their courses, students must have a Ph.D. in analytical science and already have decent programming skills. The in-person program is a full-time, 5-week commitment. (ViewIn-Depth Report)

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California State University-Long Beach

USC Viterbi Data Analytics Boot Camp

Coding Bootcamp Prep, Access Labs Initiative…View All 7 Courses

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

ruby, ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

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Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Medical University of South Carolina

Flatiron Schools immersive, full-time bootcamps in software engineering and data science are designed for individuals looking to change careers. These 15-week programs include comprehensive career services and a money-back guarantee if graduates dont receive a job offer within six months. They also offer online bootcamps of various lengths. (ViewIn-Depth Report)

California State University-Fullerton

Rice University Data Analytics Boot Camp

North Carolina State University at Raleigh

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Barcelona Code School offers an 8-week full-time …

Though the lessons vary in quality, I was very happy overall with my Flatiron School experience. I got good value out of both the Bootcamp Prep and the Online Full Stack Web Developer course: with just my scholarship and a whole year of free WeWork hot desk membership, I actually came out ahead financially. Add on top of that the enormous value Flatiron School provides in terms of career …

The program is well designed and moves on with a perfect pace, not to fast, to my liking. The instructors are super friendly. At first there is a lot of hand holding, but gradually as you move along, they want to see the individuality that you bring to the projects and assignments. The labs are super helpful (the best part of learning)

I was looking for a coding bootcamp in London and found FAC, it was the best thing I could find anywhere in the UK. I applied immediately and was fortunate enough to get offered a place for the summer cohort. The course has been a fantastic experience and more than anything that I could have imagined. FAC have a unique approach where they group students into four groups of four and each group …

University of Arizona Coding Boot Camp

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Tecnolgico de Monterrey Boot Camps

York College, CUNY Continuing and Professional Education Center

University of South Florida-Main Campus

Python, Java, Javascript, C, C++, Android, Data Science, PHP

If you want to change careers, with Makers Academy you can do it in relatively short time. Pros: They have a super intense curriculum, youll build fantastic stuff during the course. Youll do pairing, for me this was a thing a bit out of my comfort zone but got used to it and found super useful to stay focused and maximize my learning. Makers has a really good careers team, and they will do a …

Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus

Software Engineering Bootcamp , Mobile Developer Bootcamp…View All 8 Courses

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Washington University Data Analytics Boot Camp

Ruby/ OO Programming • Sinatra/ Padrino • Ruby on Rails • Databases & SQL • HTML 5 • CSS/ SASS • Networking/ HTTP/

The Coding Boot Camp at UCR Extension

data science logo

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Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis

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Some of these bootcamps are among the top-rated programs in the world! See the completebest bootcamps listhere.

Web Development (Full-stack: Javascript, Ruby, Rails), Web Design, UI/UX Design, Product Management, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript), Back-end (Ruby, Ruby on Rails), Data Science

UC Davis Extension Coding Boot Camp

Turing School of Software and Design

Frontend Foundations, The Internet of Things

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ASI Data Science & Engineering Fellowship

City Colleges of Chicago Coding Bootcamp

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HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, Frontend Web Development, Backend Web Development, Internet of Things, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Google Analytics, Pay-per-click

Why did I choose We Got Coders: After a thorough research of course providers it turned out they are the only ones offering a job placement upon successful course completion. Also the groups are smaller so you get more face time with your tutor (do not underestimate the value of this). What to Expect: – This is the real deal, your pathway to become a Web Developer, the curriculum and Dan (your …

Theres a reason London is considered one of the top tech hubs in the world. Technology is now a major contributor to the UK economy, with London-based startups and established businesses driving growth. According to Tech Nation, the growth rate of digital jobs was more that double that of non-digital jobs between 2011 and 2015. Tech Nation also found that in 2016, UK digital tech investment was 50% higher than any other European country.

UI Designer Professional – VAN, UI Design Professional Program – TOR…View All 25 Courses

Santa Monica, Orange County, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Austin…View All 16 Locations

University of Richmond Coding Boot Camp

Central Connecticut State University

University of Maryland-College Park

Red Academy was an invaluable jumpstart for my career. I not only had the opportunity to network with hiring (relevant) industries but I also got the support I needed to take my current role to the next level. Working with closely with analytics and other marketing tools I was able to collaborate with team members and put the data to use. I appreciated the real-world experience brought to each …

RED Academy has full-time courses in 12- or 24-week formats and part-time courses that can be taken in 5- or 10-week formats. They also offer work-study courses in 48- and 96-week timeframes. These unique courses allow students to gain hands-on experience with successful companies while working on their studies. (ViewIn-Depth Report)

Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

Full-Stack Web Development, Womens Workshop…View All 4 Courses

University of Utah Coding Boot Camp

This online coding bootcamp was a great way for me to move from mechanical engineering into software engineering, but this course is really a great opportunity for anyone wanting the learn how to code and become a developer.

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It took me two years to pluck up the courage to quit my job to do a coding course. I was working for a design agency in London and although I knew early on that building websites was what I wanted to do forfeiting a steady income to learn how to do it was a hard decision. As I became increasingly frustrated with outsourcing our designs to freelance coders (where the brief was rarely met and …

Reviews and rankings for the top 17 London coding bootcamps.

I took GAs in-person front-end web development course as well as the online JavaScript Circuit. Both of them required a fairly significant weekly time commitment but you really get out of it what you put in. I highly recommend both for anyone who is dipping their toes into web development/working in a semi-technical role. The set-up and coursework is really well done and I truly enjoyed the …

I participated in S2DS online virtual program in March 2018. It was an online program in which you teamed up with other fellows and worked with a UK company to solve their problems with data science techniques. The program is scheduled around UK time zone. I am based in the central time zone in the US, so it means that I had to wake up at 3 pm every day for 5 weeks in order to participate in …

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