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The Best VPS 2023

The Best C# Book

Looking for some Interesting C Programming Problems

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Why do we only use Soyuz to send humans to the ISS?

Is it acceptable to do a security test on a companys open WiFi before an interview?

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Why are unit tests failing seen as bad?

How do I get a cases-like environment with a right brace?

Code-generator with unique characters

CheckDotNetPerlsthey have a good selection of problems and solutions focusing in C programming.

Project Euler: a nice collection of randomly interesting problems.

vue webpack template missing parser

What does Thanos mean when he says this?

What are the holes in the mudguard for?

How do I fill the corner of an irregular shape in TikZ?

Performance of dynamic Fibonacci generator and dead rabbits

Checkout forCodeChefInteresting problems here any language vl do

Why is exchanging the queens bad in this position?

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There are some really great questions asked on this site. I find it fun to pick some of the questions and develop answers for them. Often I pick a theme. For instance for the last week, Ive tried to solve as many problems as possible using only a single LINQ expression.

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Ive used the problems onRuby Quizbefore. Other than that Dave ThomasCodeKataand see if there is aCoding Dojonear you.

Science fiction book from 80s or 90s. Cover is man sitting on a throne of bones

Why does having a soda tax seem so hard to achieve?

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Cournot Competition game with 3 Firms

Dealing with inability to sustain interest in an idea

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I am tired of doing typical CRUD programming type applications. I would like to work on some interesting (not too hard) programming problems. Are there any sites out there to help me exercise my brain?

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How should I decline a referee request for the paper which I refereed before?

How were files transferred between different systems in the late 1980s?

Simplest way to increase volume of mesh?

I also like theC Brainteasersfrom Jon Skeet, good code snippets to read and learn more about the language, some have very interesting and surprising results…

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How do I deal with the political promotional items in the workplace?

How can a level 20 warlock cast Magic Jar?

TrySPOJthey have a good amount of problems for you to work on. They also vary in difficulty.

Somewhat related (not always programming, but generally interesting to programmers) is the IBM ponder this site:

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