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can code. In a few hours, you can pick up basic programming concepts. In a week, you can learn a programming language. Given a few weeks, you can develop websites, advanced games, Android/iPhone Apps. Our mission is to prove this — to show that

My mom enrolled me in the Java camp. I was very skeptical about it in the beginning. But, I was wrong. The teachers were excellent, and they taught us with patience. They had many fun activities during the class. After the Java camp, I enrolled in almost all the camps MathAndCoding offered. Now, coding has become my past time hobby!

Columbia Neighborhood Center would like to extend a big thank you to MathAndCoding team for coming out and sharing your coding knowledge with our community of kids. They enjoyed the hands-on learning experience! Your three day Coding for Kids workshop gave them an excellent introduction to coding and game development. It was a pleasure watching your program in action as your passion for inspiring the younger generation really shines through. We hope to explore more opportunities in the future!

introductory computer science sequence at Stanford and is known for kindling passion for computer science in many students.

Every workshop is unique with dynamic curriculum and creative projects that our teachers come up with.

Our Coding for Kids program was fantastic. The teen instructors introduced the 3-5thgrade participants to coding with Tynker/SCRATCH. Instructors were well organized and completely dependable and the young participants were completely engaged in the age appropriate activity

This 4-week workshop teaches the fundamental concepts of Python, a popular programming language. Kids as young as 5th grade can join the workshop.

Since our inception, we have organized many successful coding workshops in Bay Area libraries and community centers. We have also trained teens/librarians outside the Bay Area to hold their own workshops. Contact us if you want to bring our classes to your community. Our workshops are very easy to organize. We take care of all the logistics.

We came up with a novel way to teach young students math by combining online adaptive math with our exclusive math worksheets. This program is taught only during the summer breaks.

Our 4-6-week course teaches basic Java concepts to highly motivated middle and high school students in an innovative way, using many engaging examples and hands-on projects.

We are thrilled that the MathandCoding program has garnered so much interest in coding in our community. The kids enjoy themselves, ask a lot of questions, and look forward to the next week. Nikhil and Anika provided excellent remote training for the teen volunteers teaching the class, and he is also very prompt in answering any questions I had. We have parents and children asking us when the next session of classes will be held. I would highly recommend this program.

This 3-4 week workshop teaches students in grades 6-10 how to build professional websites and web apps using HTML/CSS and JavScript.

President of Harvey Mudd College, endorses our programs. She is a renowned mathematician and computer scientist and promotes computer literacy for children.

Our classeshave wait lists that are longer than the actual class size, and it says it all! We are humbled to have made so much difference in our communities! lets keep coding, Bay Area and beyond!

Download our free app that teaches Python programming in a fun and innovative way! Learn to code today!

We arrangeworkshops in local libraries and community centers to teach students of all ages the basics of programming and web technologies

Im so incredibly impressed by the great job you have done teaching Java.My daughter had no idea about coding before she joined the class. But now, she has basic knowledge about whats is coding and how it is useful. I appreciate your patience and thank you for providing this great opportunity to young kids to learn new technology.

If you are 13+, passionate about programming and want to help other kids learn, join our amazing team. We have many openings for teen teacher volunteers. It is an excellent opportunity to improve your communication and leadership skills as well.

This workshop introduces kids to electronics and programming. Students learn the fundamentals of circuit design and programming on an

Inc. during our A Day of Code event at Mills College! Our students enjoyed the Python camp.

Thank you so much to for leading a fantastic remote training session for the Roseville Public Library. Eight volunteers and numerous staff were trained on the Coding for Kids course curriculum. We have had great success with our Coding camps. We expect 60+ kids to make it through the program this summer. Thank you for showing us the way to offer coding instruction in a fun format for the kids of Roseville.

This 4-week workshop introduces robotics to students in 5-8 grades using Lego EV3 Robotics.

This is a 4-week hands-on workshop where students build an electric bike from scratch and learn physics fundamentals while doing so.

I loved the Robotics camp. Not only did we build the robot but we also programmed it. I learnt programming fundamentals in this class before I moved on to coding with Java

I have been a teacher at M&C for a little less than a year now, and my experience has been terrific. I have quickly become a better teacher, public speaker, and coder. The interactive lesson plans and games are fun and helpful. I couldnt imagine volunteering anywhere else!

Our Java/Python/HTML classes are filled with loads of activities too, from the Jeopardy-style team competitions to the games that students come up on the fly. And the online curriculum makes it easy to refresh the topics!

Our online Python course, with its interactive quizzes and challenging programs, teaches you the concepts of Python in a simple yet comprehensive way. Students as young as nine years can start learning with our Python course. We often have online competitions for young coders who complete this course!

The Math and Coding team showed maturity and knowledge beyond their years of experience. I met their leadership team about a month and a half before our event to teach our kids coming on campus. They came prepared with a full lesson plan along with suggestions on how to approach teaching our kids coming to LinkedIns campus. I was so impressed by the teams professionalism and ability to teach others during the InDay event. Im excited to use the Math and Coding team again in the future!

The biggest hurdle in expanding our program to reach out to many kids is the limited number of desktops in the libraries. We could use laptops to expand our reach. If you would like to donate a used laptop, contact us and we will pick it up. For cash donations (that will help us buy laptops), please use the secure PayPal site below.

These 3-6 week workshops are intended for 3-6th graders with no previous programming background. We teach basic concepts of programming through Tynker.

We have created a comprehensive online tutorial complete with interactive quizzes, homework and many more projects for learning Java. This course is free and fun! Hundreds of students have taught themselves Java though our online course. Be one of them.

. We are a group of high school students from across the Bay Area who are passionate about teaching.

We look forward to collaborating with you on many more experiences in the future. Again, thank you for partnering with usto champion the cause of excellence in STEM education for children and youth in Oakland and throughout the SF Bay Area!

microcontroller. By the end of this course, students will understand concepts in electronics such as current, voltage, resistance, and Ohms Law, as well as how to build circuits with LEDs and pushbuttons

I highly recommend MathAndCoding for any library looking to broaden their technology-based programming. With the current emphasis on getting kids excited about science and technology, the classes offered definitely address those needs. The dedication the founders have demonstrated in bringing technology skills to students of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds is highly laudable!

Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University supports and endorses our workshops. Dr. Sahami teaches the most popular

are available on Amazon now. All proceeds from the sales go to support our non-profit. If you are a teacher/librarian and would like to try out our coding games in your class,contact uswith your organization address. We will send you a set of games for free!

This 3-week workshop teaches students in 6-12 grades App development using Android platform or MIT App Inventor.

In this workshop, students (8th grade and above) learn machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts using Python and Orange framework. By the end of this course, students are able to do simple classification/prediction projects using open source databases.

Are you a high school student in a neighborhood anywhere in the U.S. which can benefit from these workshops? Do you want to start a MathAndCoding chapter in your local community? Contact us, andwe will send you the information package for starting a local chapter.

We are a registered non-profit founded in

In this three-week workshop students learn basic concepts of Physics like circuits, amplifiers, mechanics using hands-on experiements

This is a six-week workshop in math fundamentals for elementary students struggling in math. Currently, this workshop is only offered in Bascom and Tully libraries for local community kids

The python workshop offered by MathandCoding is awesome! My 6th grader loved it. She learned quite a few programming constructs and enjoyed playing around with those. Given that this is a volunteer-driven program, I absolutely admire the hard work, dedication, and energy the volunteers put towards the class! Its a GREAT program that they have started, and it is very popular — the classes are full capacity with wait lists. A big THANK YOU !!

We emphasize a lot on hands-on projects and team learning. Take for example the group projects that the elementary students do in our coding for kids workshops. They learn to not only code but also to showcase their projects and present them in front the class — all the while forming friendships and a lifelong love for coding!

Thank you for facilitating the partnership with

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