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Medical Coding Chapter 13 Workbook

the six index location methods presented in chp 13 list any four methods

A standard for communicating health care data, as represented in CPT-5, was necessary to address requirements of the 1996 act

what association publishes the CPT?

what type of code has only a portion of the code description?

what does the symbol of a circle with a line thru it placed before a CPT code indicate about the code?

12. code has been changed or modified

what is the report called that a physician dictates to show that an unusual or rare procedure is preformed?

you would expect to find the CPT code 71010 in what section of the CPT manual?

what type of code has the full description?

the updated CPT manual is available for purchase in what month?

the first edition of the CPT was published in what year?

Medical Coding: Chapter 13 Workbook

the use of a coding system allows you to communicate not only quickly, but also?

when you see the symbol (Triangle) in front of a code, you know what about the code?

what would providers enter on the insurance form to show payers which services or procedures were performed?

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