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Allright, that might not sound very good but I do it mainly for prize and fame! Its cool if you win because you can brag about it wherever you like, mention it on your business profile and CV. And if you dont happen to win… well, youre just going to spend a nice time, get some free pizza, talk to cool people and practise your code skills. Not bad at all!

Get solutions by running creative challenges.


Grow your talent pool, reach passive candidates.

Pochwal się swoim patentem na Smart Podrżowanie i wygraj atrakcyjne nagrody! Zrb zdjęcie swojej walizki i wyślij je nam do 31.08.2018 r.

Midwest Big Data Hackathon is a 2 day non-stop hackathon with 150 participants, and it will be held at University of Iowa. All students are welcome!

The most ambitious developers love tobechallenged!

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Attend Technoloxia 18 this summer in Bhubaneswar, India, in October, 2018!

Take part in programming, engineering and data science competitions. Learn and have fun!

Organizers of the events, hackathons or challenges usually award the top solutions with prizes.

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Dont rely on resumes and algorithm puzzles in your assessment. Test actual on-the-job skills.

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Thanks to participating in hackathons I get an opportunity to develop my strengths, have fun and shape my point of view. I also appreciate the sense of co-creating innovative solutions that change the world. Nothing develops a man like an attempt at designing something new and changing the reality in the spirit of healthy competition.

Weź udział w Smart City Hackathon 25 i 26.06.2018 w Gdyni! Rywalizuj oraz twrz innowacje dla polskich miast!

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If during the hackathon you try to build a project with a solution you have never used before, you really develop a diverse skill set that makes you a great developer.

The exposure from being a finalist in the NVIDIA Challenge has been transformative for our companies and is already helping us out in many ways.

I think taking part in hackathons in an early stage of your career on when learning new technologies is a good and fast way to boost your skills in the area. They did help me on my early years to obtain the abilities that I can now put into practice to build real products. The project itself serves as a good base to continue doing research in the field. Oh, and ultimately, there are very interesting prize! 😀

Win prizes while improving your skills.

Are you developer, engineer, data scientist or tech geek?

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Hackathons are one of the only ways we as engineers can compete and test our skill set among others.

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Going through those unpredictable difficulties during the hackathon and finally complete the challenge brought me a feeling of excitement, achievement, and satisfaction. In addition the hackathon helped me to gain the ability to analyze problems and solving them one by one. Moreover, it improved my collaboration and communication skills which are extremely important and helpful in my future career.

Taking part in hackathons has been and will continue to help us in learning and innovating.

Take part in non-code challenges and creative hackathons!

You can learn and earn, after all…

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