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I was contacted by Google about a software engineering position (a year before my anticipated graduation) but I had to postpone responding to them as my graduation is delayed by a yr long internship (which Im doing currently).

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I was contacted by Google to fill out a short personality survey and complete an online coding sample within a week. Has anyone who has been in the Google interview process know if this online test is pre-phone interview? I have had friends who have been flown out for super days after completing an online coding sample and hearing back from a recruiter. As some background info, I was referred by an employee. Just was curious to know where this fits in within the Google interview timeline for those of you whove done it.

Recruiter called as well to schedule a phone interview. Provided update in original post.

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It would be great if update us on this post as you progress into the hiring process_^

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god damn it I see at least 1 thread PER DAY about this. do you really have to make a new thread about it without searching

Nothing that really stood out. It was just typical do you like working with a group vs individually and do you like working in a challenging environment. Other than that, some logistical questions like what teams would you like to work on, languages you know, etc.

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How was it? Were the questions that would stand out or anything? And how long do you think it took you to finish it?

what was the second question??? and how far did you end up getting in the interview process?

Did they ask you do to a coding sample online test as well?

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Noticed some cool user flair around? Take a look atthis threadto see what its all about.

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Update: Recruiter contacted 4 days later to schedule 1 phone interview. If that goes well, then an onsite will happen.

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e.g.subreddit:aww dog

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Thanks man! Seems like you had a pretty similar experience so well see what happens haha..

Welcome, one and all, to CSCareerQuestions!

What questions were you asked in your personality survey?

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I was also referred by an employee and did the coding sample a week ago. Still havent heard from them, though. I think it is a new step on the process. Two people onthis postsaid they were called for a phone interview after this step.

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Questions arent anything that would stand out. First one is much easier than the second. Test cases are tricky. Finished first one in around 10 minutes and second one got a working solution for the base case but couldnt fix for edge cases. Recruiter said I had a passing score so they decided to move ahead.

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no it hasnt gone that far. I think they wouldve given me if I confirmed Im graduating by April 2016.

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