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Codesters combines a fun online coding platform for students, a powerful learning management system for teachers, and built-out coding lessons so you can start teaching kids to code in your school today.

This project brings attention to bullying through a short narrative built with sprite animations, interactions, and changing scenes.

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This final project utilizes conditionals and collision events to create a game. Collect the candy but avoid the enemies!

Math Teacher,MS 337 The School for Inquiry and Social Justice

Codesters lets students create interactive projects in Python. Our unique drag-to-text toolkit guides students through text-based coding, while engaging them with sprites and animations.

Create, share, and remix an unlimited number of engaging, interactive projects coded in Python

An online learning environment with everything you need to teach students to code

Codesters integrates coding into core academic classes. Students learn the core concepts of programming, then reinforce their coding skills through standards-aligned math lessons where they create simulations and games for statistics, probability, and geometry.

Intro to Codesters is free. After that, you have the option of purchasing additional lessons from our marketplace

My students are highly engaged and are excited about progressing through the program — some log on to work on the lessons at home.

In this project, a student uses prompts, responses, and sprites to make a short quiz about recycling.

Codesters inspires students to learn by creating. Our coding environment provides a unique drag-to-type toolkit that enables students to create projects with code in moments. Each project-based lesson culminates with students creatively extending and customizing their projects.

Codesters empowers students to create interactive projects and apps on their own. Whether its through coding on our freeProjectpage or our structured lessons, students have the opportunity to build and explore independently.

Codesters empowers teachers to bring coding into their classrooms. Our built-out curriculum, step-by-step lessons, and automated feedback system enable teachers to start teaching coding right away.

Python Coding Platform for Students

Create an unlimited number of classes and enroll as many students as you want, for as long as you want

Codesters also provides site licenses and professional development for schools. For more information email or

Codesters is easy to use, engaging for students, and customizable for any classroom.

Codesters is the classroom-friendly platform for coding. Graphics, animation, interactivity, and the unique drag-to-type toolkit are combined to teach students Python a professional programming language.

I have been using Codesters to teach my students coding for the past two years and it has opened the eyes of my students to a whole new way of seeing the world.

What I love about Codesters is the way it engages students with no coding experience just as easily as those who have had multiple opportunities to code, on various platforms. The curriculum is designed in such a way that, although students are free to work at their own pace, lessons are still meaningful and engaging to the whole group.

See loops and collision events in action. Eliminate the enemies but avoid getting hit!

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Our LMS allows teachers to enroll students in classes so they can assign lessons and track progress. Students work is automatically graded, collected, and returned to the teachers dashboard.

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Students use Python to build projects through structured lessons, then modify their code to create custom projects. Codesters use multiple exit points to support differentiated instruction.

The environment provides a rich, differentiated experience for all students, which has allowed all my students to excel…Ive watched students who continuously struggle in math come alive and make connections with the programming tools.

Teachers, students, and at-home-students get unlimited access to the coding platform and learning management system for free. Pre-built Python lessons are also available for purchase to immediately start learning how to code.

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One of the nicest parts of the week of programming was that some of my students who struggle in my Math class were the leaders when it came to programming. What a confidence boost for them! To have the students who do well in Math asking these other kids who are just squeaking by in class for help was just amazing. I was very proud of so many of them. Thanks for everything!

Students can use our Physics toolkit to create fun games like this one. Follow the directions carefully to get the alien past the obstacles and to the finish line.

The sample student projects to the right will give you an idea of whats possible with Codesters. Click Try It to experiment yourself! Visit ourExplorepage to see even more projects in action.

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Experiment with sprite animations and dialog while exploring other environments.

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