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The post continues to include words from Champika Fernando, Scratch Teams director of communications, who explores the evolution of childrens programming languages from the 80s through to present day. Read that in fullover here.

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Coding for Carrots marks Googles first-ever coding doodle, and lets players guide a bunny around six progressively challenging levels collecting carrots. Players must select each movement in turn, dropping directions in-line before playing in sequence. Later stages introduce loops, while players receive in-game medals for ascertaining the shortest solution for each puzzle.

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Celebrate CSEdWeek & 50 yrs of kids coding languages by checking out our VERY FIRST coding GoogleDoodle! /V0aJFBBAM2December 4, 2017

Whatever your age, Coding for Carrots is good funcheck it out on todaysGoogle homepage.

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Today, during Computer Science Education Week, we celebrate 50 years since kids programming languages were first introduced to the world with a very special creation (and furry friend): our first ever coding Google Doodle, so reads this post. Todays Doodle was developed through the close teamwork of not one or two but THREE teams: the Google Doodle team, Google Blockly team, and researchers from MIT Scratch.

Be it Veterans Day, Saint Patricks Day, Thanksgiving or Halloweeneach Google Doodle, the bespoke images and videos that head the popular search engine throughout the year, comes with a message. Todays celebrates 50 years of childrens programming language with an interactive, six-leveled quest designed to teach kids coding.

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